3000 Diet Plan


Meal 1 – As soon as you wakeup
1 Scoop whey
4 Cookies or Biscuit
2 Banana
Meal 2 – Brekfast (1hr after meal 1) — Post workout
2 scoop whey + white bread
100 gm Oats or Multigrain bread or sweet potato
100 gm Paneer or Eggs
1 Apple or any seasonal fruit
Meal 3 – Snacks (2hr after breakfast)
4 Walnuts OR dates, cashew & pista
20 Almonds
Paneer or Eggs
Meal 4 – Lunch
150 gm Brown rice or multigrain chapati
150 gm Daal/Rajma/Chole
100 gm Dahi
Meal 5 – Snacks (2hrs after lunch)
Green Tea
4 Cookies or Biscuit
20 Almonds OR dates, cashew & pista
Meal 6 – Snacks (2hrs after meal 5)
Green veggies or papaya
Meal 7 – Dinner 
Aaloo sabji
Meal 8
Milk + Fishoil



99 Bad Boy Traits That Instantly Attract Women By Marc Summers

This isn’t designed to help you become a “bad boy”
so women will think you’re cool and other men will be
intimidated by you. It’s designed to help you incorporate
bad boy “traits” into your personal behavior that women
find attractive, seductive, and desirable.
Not only will these traits help you quickly attract
more women, but they’ll also help you become more
mature, wise, and in control of your thoughts, emotions,
and behavior – something women really want in men.
I’ll do my best to explain every single trait in detail,
help you understand why women find it attractive, and
why it’s an important trait to have.
Study and practice what you learn in this product at
least three times and before you know it, you’ll be
attracting women like a bad boy!
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Intro: The Bad Boy Women Ultimately Want…. 1
Women Want Bad……………………………………………………………………..2
Women & Bad Boys……………………………………………………………………5
How Women Like Their Men……………………………………………………….7
What Exactly Is a Bad Boy?………………………………………………………….9
Many Men Pretend to Be Bad Boys…………………………………………….12
What a Bad Boy Isn’t………………………………………………………………..13
PART 1 Traits That Instantly Set You Apart .. 17
#1 Know and Understand Yourself……………………………………………..18
#2 Strong Sense of Self-Worth …………………………………………………..22
#3 Define Your Standards………………………………………………………….26
#4 Be Picky ……………………………………………………………………………..29
#5 Be Your Own Man ……………………………………………………………….32
#6 Be Independent…………………………………………………………………..36
#7 Self-Reliance……………………………………………………………………….37
#8 Wear the Pants……………………………………………………………………39
#9 Dominance …………………………………………………………………………43
#10 Go For What You Want ………………………………………………………52
#11 Never NEED Women or Relationships…………………………………..55
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#12 Don’t Tell Me Sh*t……………………………………………………………..57
#13 Bend Rules………………………………………………………………………..59
#14 Set Your Own Rules……………………………………………………………62
#15 Adventurer……………………………………………………………………….65
#16 Selfish ………………………………………………………………………………66
#17 Emotionally Controlled……………………………………………………….68
#18 Hard to Impress…………………………………………………………………71
#19 Mysterious ……………………………………………………………………….72
#20 Opinionated But Silent ……………………………………………………….75
#21 A “Good” Side……………………………………………………………………76
#22 Don’t Take Sh*t from Anyone ……………………………………………..77
#23 Unaffected by Her Opinion………………………………………………….78
#24 Other Men Don’t Compare………………………………………………….81
#25 Enjoy Life ………………………………………………………………………….82
PART 2 Treat Yourself Right …………………….. 84
#26 Positive Self-Image …………………………………………………………….85
#27 Aware of Your Appearance………………………………………………….87
#28 In Shape……………………………………………………………………………88
#29 Personal Problems in Check ………………………………………………..89
#30 Handle Tough Situations……………………………………………………..90
#31 Self-Respect………………………………………………………………………91
#32 Change Only For You ………………………………………………………….93
#33 Your Needs Come First……………………………………………………….94
#34 Your Happiness Comes First ………………………………………………..95
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#35 Winner……………………………………………………………………………..97
#36 Stand Up For Yourself…………………………………………………………99
#37 “I’m Important”……………………………………………………………….100
#38 No Dead Weight………………………………………………………………101
#39 Women Don’t Use You ……………………………………………………..102
#40 No Self-Doubt………………………………………………………………….103
#41 Unphased By Failure…………………………………………………………105
#42 No Fear…………………………………………………………………………..109
PART 3 The Bad Boy Coolness………………… 114
#43 Effortlessly Cool……………………………………………………………….115
#44 Have a Life………………………………………………………………………119
#45 Be Ballsy …………………………………………………………………………120
#46 Know How to Have Fun …………………………………………………….121
#47 Your Own Dreams, Plans, & Goals………………………………………124
#48 Your Own Style………………………………………………………………..126
#49 One Man Wolf Pack………………………………………………………….128
#50 Sexually Relaxed………………………………………………………………130
#51 Not a Single F___ Given…………………………………………………….131
#52 Indifference …………………………………………………………………….134
PART 4 Understand Attraction like a Bad Boy
…………………………………………………………….. 136
#53 Learn Attraction ………………………………………………………………137
#54 Learn To Be Fun & Exciting ………………………………………………..139
#55 Learn Attractive Body Language…………………………………………141
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#56 The Bad Boy Look …………………………………………………………….148
#57 Ace “Attraction Tests” ………………………………………………………157
#58 “Nice Guys” Miss the Hints………………………………………………..159
#59 Leave Her Wanting More ………………………………………………….160
#60 Stay On Her Mind …………………………………………………………….161
PART 5 Have Bad Boy Confidence …………… 163
#61 Killer Confidence ……………………………………………………………..164
#62 Keep It to Yourself……………………………………………………………167
#63 Humble Cocky………………………………………………………………….168
#64 Humble Superiority ………………………………………………………….169
#65 No Insecurities…………………………………………………………………170
#66 Talk Less …………………………………………………………………………172
#67 High-Status……………………………………………………………………..175
#68 Smart, Witty, Intelligent……………………………………………………177
#69 Unaffected By “No” ………………………………………………………….181
#70 Your Own Reality……………………………………………………………..182
#71 Don’t Compare ………………………………………………………………..185
#72 Don’t Reward Ass Kissing…………………………………………………..186
#73 Women Aren’t a Priority …………………………………………………..187
#74 Be Still…………………………………………………………………………….189
#75 Strong Eye Contact…………………………………………………………..190
#76 Not Scared of Sex …………………………………………………………….192
#77 Get Physical …………………………………………………………………….193
#78 Don’t Be a Pansy………………………………………………………………195
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#79 Rebel ……………………………………………………………………………..196
#80 On Your Own Time …………………………………………………………..198
#81 Always Calm & Cool………………………………………………………….199
#82 Hard To Get…………………………………………………………………….203
#83 React Vs. Respond ……………………………………………………………205
PART 6 Show Her Your Bad Boy Side ………. 207
#84 Unusually Honest …………………………………………………………….208
#85 Check Her Out …………………………………………………………………209
#86 Don’t Apologize ……………………………………………………………….210
#87 Strong and Dirty Looks ……………………………………………………..212
#88 Mr. Serious……………………………………………………………………..213
#89 Never Boring or Predictable ………………………………………………214
#90 Never Needy or Clingy………………………………………………………215
#91 Boundaries ……………………………………………………………………..216
#92 Guardian…………………………………………………………………………220
#93 Be Unavailable…………………………………………………………………221
#94 Give & Get Space……………………………………………………………..222
#95 No Jealousy …………………………………………………………………….223
#96 Never Pretend …………………………………………………………………225
#97 Never Explain Yourself………………………………………………………227
#98 Don’t Be a Clown……………………………………………………………..229
#99 Laugh At Rejection……………………………………………………………231
More About Major League Dating.com……………………………………..234
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Intro: The
Bad Boy
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Women Want Bad
Women always have been and always will be
attracted to “bad boys”.
Every generation has produced iconic bad boys who
get all the girls – Louis Laguerre, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde,
Dylan Thomas, Edgar Allen Poe, The Sundance Kid, Butch
Cassidy, Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Al Capone, John
Dillinger, Clyde Barrow, Lucky Luciano, Dutch Schultz,
Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, Steve McQueen,
Frank Sinatra, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley,
Peter Fonda, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Judd
Nelson, Christian Slater, John McEnroe, Dennis Rodman,
Jared Leto, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Tupac Shakur, Biggie
Smalls, Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Christian
Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Knoxville, Tommy Lee,
Adam Levine, Jesse James (Westcoast Choppers), Colin
Farrell, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen,
Eminem, Shai LeBeouf, Russell Brand, Jason Statham,
Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Philippe, and others.
These men ALL share traits that women find insanely
attractive and intoxicating. They have something “bad”
about them that women ironically find “good”.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Were/are all of these men criminals?
Were/are all of these men physically abusive to
Were/are all of these men verbally abusive to
Were/are all of these men drug addicts?
Were/are all of these men alcoholics?
Were/are all of these men covered in tattoos?
Were/are all of these men in prison?
Were/are all of these men tall, big, and strong?
If not these things, then what the hell is it?!
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
What do these “bad boys” have in common?
What causes women to see them as bad boys?
What makes them magnetically attractive to
What is so “bad” about them that women find as
What about “bad boys” makes women feel deep
sexual urges that they don’t feel with nice guys, their
boyfriends, or even their husbands?
Bad boys are skilled at making women feel things.
Good things.
Did I say skilled?
They’re beyond skilled.
They’re professionals, artists, and geniuses at
making women feel “things”.
Things that affect women on such a deep level that
the women themselves can’t quite explain what they’re
feeling. Things that “nice guys” dream of making women
feel. Things that only bad boys know how to turn on and
women don’t know how to turn off. Things that cause
women to think and do things they’ve never done.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Women & Bad
Many bad boys seem to have a part of them that’s
lost, tortured, in pain, and they’re desperate to find their
way and their happiness. There’s often a part of them
that’s sad, angry, abusive, and they’re striving to become
a better man in any way possible.
Women secretly fantasize of saving this dreamy and
lost bad boy, going along for the wild ride, helping him
find his way, and spending the rest of their life by his
side. They want to help him find his happiness and many
women believe they’re the key to saving him. He brings
out the caring and nurturing side of women and they can
see him as a project – to turn a bad man who they’re
insanely attracted to in a “good” man who loves them.
Also, women with bad father/daughter relationships
seem to unconsciously seek out bad boys to get the
approval that they never got from their father. They
crave to find the remedy to their childhood pain caused
by their relationship with their father and if they can win
over the bad boy, it can help some of the pain vanish.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Sadly, the history of women and bad boys shows
that the bad boy usually can’t and won’t change. He’ll
always be the most elusive, mythological, and attractive
man in every woman’s life that he encounters.
A big reason I believe bad boys are so appealing to
women is because women are still born with the “wiring”
for an earlier time before we lived in modern cities and
environments where life is made almost too easy for
many of us.
I’m not going to use the term “cave men”, but men
hundreds and even thousands of years ago, men were
automatically, psychologically, and physically molded
into “manly men” by the harsh environment, hard life,
and necessity to “man the f*ck up” OR DIE.
This reality of life, in my thoughts, naturally and
automatically eliminated any weak, submissive, and
“wussy” behavior traits that women constantly see in
men living in today’s much “easier” society.
Since that wasn’t very long ago in comparison to the
human species’ age, women are still equipped with the
“primitive wiring” that naturally attracts them to
hardened, tough, manly, and “cave man” like men.
Who’s the modern day equivalent? The bad boy.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
How Women Like
Their Men
What I’ve learned over the past 12 years is that
women don’t like their men 100% sugar and sweet.
They very often crave “spice” and not so much
They find it most satisfying when men they meet
have a part of them that’s “bad”.
They don’t always want the guy that’s “best” for
They don’t always want the guy who’s the nicest to
They don’t always want the guy who makes the most
money, has the best car, or the biggest house.
They don’t always want the guy who is the smartest
or has the best education.
They don’t always want the guy who never makes
them cry.
They don’t always want the guy who never makes
them mad.
They don’t always want the guy who’s always there.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Women want the guy that may not be so “good” for
The guy who MIGHT break her heart but will show
her more passion and excitement than she’s ever
seen in her life.
The guy who won’t let her walk all over him.
The guy that’s not afraid to touch her.
The guy who doesn’t put her on a pedestal.
The guy who knows that she knows that she’s
beautiful and he doesn’t have to tell her every single
hour just to get her approval.
The guy who isn’t afraid of her rejecting him.
The guy who isn’t intimidated by her beauty.
The guy who will move on to the next woman if she
doesn’t make him happy.
The guy who doesn’t “need” her but wants her.
The guy who can stare into her eyes and own her.
They guy who “knows” she wants him without her
ever having to say it.
The guy who doesn’t apologize for shit unless he
really messes up.
The guy who’s not afraid of her leaving him.
The guy who doesn’t jump every time she says to.
The guy who is “indifferent” to her moods.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
What Exactly Is
a Bad Boy?
Men want to be them and women want to be WITH
Bad boys are simply cool guys who are really “bad
ass” at being who they are.
They’re bad asses.
They’re the cool guys who don’t give a shit.
Being as nice as possible and not wanting to offend
anyone just isn’t their “cup of tea” or something they
spend time making a priority.
Something else that doesn’t quite make sense to bad
boys is living for the sole purpose of pleasing, bowing
down to, and getting the approval of women.
They love women and love having them around, but
their life is much deeper and more complicated than just
“getting girls”. Their minds are full of ideas, beliefs,
principles, goals, and agendas. Something deep within
guides them in what they believe to be the right direction
or path in life that they should be on.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
When they see the “nice guy” stuff happening, they
watch in confusion as to why other men just don’t get it.
They do everything with purpose, intent,
forethought, style, and so much confidence that it’s
contagious and almost arrogant.
They don’t care about being the nicest, happiest, or
most liked person in the room.
They don’t care about women thinking they’re the
“nicest” guy they’ve ever met.
They don’t second guess themselves, ask for
permission, or apologize for being “who they are” when
someone doesn’t like it.
They’re not all cocky assholes but they’re not
insecure or unsure of themselves either.
They’re not all criminals, drug addicts, thieves,
woman beaters, rapists, murderers, gangsters, or in
prison but they’re not all well behaved “model citizens”.
Bad boys are rough around the edges and aren’t
afraid to offend anyone to get respect, make a point, or
get some space.
Regardless of how he looks, the bad boy has the
attitude and personality that women can’t say “no” to.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
And not all bad boys slick their hair back, give dirty
looks, smoke cigarettes, have ugly attitudes, dropped out
of high school, are broke, still live with their mother,
have tattoos, use foul language, wear leather jackets and
chain wallets, do drugs, and ride motorcycles.
That’s the type of bad boy we’re used to seeing in
the movies, that’s most noticeable, and that we picture
when we hear the term “bad boy”.
In reality, bad boys come from all walks of life and
are all races, shapes, sizes, and ages. There’s rich, poor,
Black, White, Italian, Russian, Asian, Indian, Mexican,
American, fat, skinny, short, and tall bad boys.
Being a “bad boy” IS A STATE OF MIND, way of
thinking, and way of “being” more than anything else.
It’s not a look. It’s not a way of dressing. It’s not if
you ride a motorcycle. It’s not if you have tattoos. It’s not
if your t-shirt says “I banged your mom last night” or
“F*** You!”
The bad boy state of mind, way of thinking, and way
of being draws women in and keeps them there.
The bad boy “look” might get you her phone
number- but the bad boy “state of mind” will get you her.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Many Men
Pretend to Be
Bad Boys
Too many men today want to be bad boys but have
no freakin’ clue what the hell a bad boy really is.
They want to dress, walk, talk, and think they’re
tough like a bad boy, but when it comes time to being a
bad ass or “bad”, they turn into soft, “nice”, and approval
seeking guys.
All they know is they just want to be the bad boy and
all their problems with women will be solved.
They have no idea what being a bad boy is about.
Real bad boys don’t want to be anyone but
themselves, they’re happy in their own skin, and the
mere idea of acting like someone else just to get women
doesn’t even begin to register in their brain.
They don’t look around and say, “Man it’ll be cool if I
can dress, walk, talk, and act like that guy!”
Bad boys simply are who they are.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
What a Bad Boy
A bad boy isn’t:
A guy who is abusive to women just to feel
A guy who acts like an asshole just to seem
A guy who thinks he’s “bad” because he has
A guy who tries to look mean for no reason.
A guy who tries to be intimidating for no reason.
A guy who thinks he’s “bad” because he works
A guy who uses foul language because it’s “cool”
or “bad”.
A guy who wears a chain wallet and rides a bike.
A guy who starts fights to prove he’s tough.
A guy who is controlling over women.
A guy who gets a “wild” or “crazy” haircut.
A guy who wears expensive clothes or jewelry.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
None of this stuff alone gives you the bad boy “state
of mind” that women are ultimately attracted to.
None of this stuff sparks an uncontrollable
attraction in women because:
You can beat women up, end up in jail with no
women, and she’ll find another guy.
You can act like an asshole and women will think
you’re just that, an asshole.
Women might like your tattoos, but once your “nice
guy” side comes out, tattoos won’t keep her around.
Trying to look mean or intimidating will just make
you look like an overly angry person with issues.
Women may like your muscles but dump you when
they find out you’re emotionally a big pussy.
Your excessive foul language will make her think
you’re socially retarded and extremely disrespectful.
Your wild haircut, jewelry, expensive clothes, chain
wallet, leather jacket, and bike won’t cover up the
fact that you’re mentally unattractive to women.
Starting fights to prove your tough will show her you
have confidence and self-esteem issues.
Controlling women will make her think you’re
psychotic, insecure, jealous, needy, and clingy.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
The 99 bad boy traits in this eBook will teach you to
how to become the mental “bad ass” women crave and
not that wannabe bad boy that we “think” women want.
And who am I to know what a real bad boy is or
what type of guys women really want?
I’ve spent the last 12 years of my life being the guy
women refuse to stay away from.
The guy that women STILL call, chase, and want to
be with regardless of their relationship status or how
much I’ve “hurt” them.
The guy that women STILL want even when I’ve
broken their heart and I don’t want them!
I’m not making this stuff up nor am I telling you this
to brag or make you think I’m “cool”.
I’m telling you this because I have seen and I KNOW
the power of these 99 bad boy traits and how they will
transform your life with women if you learn them and
incorporate them into your behavior and personality.
The best part about having these 99 traits is that
women will still see you as a “good guy” because these
“bad boy” traits don’t make you a “bad person”.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Since I’m a man of integrity and I believe in treating
all women with respect and restraint, nothing in this
eBook is going to teach you how to become more of an
abusive asshole in any way.
All the traits you’re going to learn will make you
more attractive and desirable to women and that’s it.
I’m not teaching you any “evil genius” stuff that’ll
help you take advantage of women.
So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the
wrong place.
Take these 99 bad boy traits, learn them, practice
them, and make them part of “who you are”.
Do your best to develop the bad boy “state of mind”
that women find irresistible and you’ll never have as
many problems attracting women again.
You’ll never struggle with being the overly nice guy,
pushover, tool, or a fool again.
You’ll be less likely to get your heart ripped out, less
likely to get dumped by the women you want, and you’ll
be happier, more relaxed, confident, and composed.
Send me your thoughts when you finish the eBook:
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Traits That
Set You
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#1 Know and
Not knowing and understanding yourself:
Is Like being lost at sea with no navigation – you’ll
hopelessly wander through life with no real sense of
direction or purpose and end up nowhere.
Drains you of your internal power when interacting
with women. Internal power is your self-esteem,
composure, confidence, charisma, charm, and drive
that women find highly attractive.
Gives you less solid ground to stand on when it’s
time to make a decision between what you do and
don’t want. You’re less likely to draw a hard line in
the sand and choose which side to take.
Will cause women to question their relationship with
you and to lose confidence in you and your abilities.
Will cause you to get less respect than you deserve.
When you know and understand yourself, it’s not
only obvious to women, but to everyone around you.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
You have an aura of confidence that’s felt and can’t
be ignored.
Bad boys know and understand themselves.
They know what they like and don’t like.
They know what they want and don’t want.
Why do bad boys know themselves so well?
Because they aren’t scared to get to know
themselves – they have experience with women and life.
They’re not afraid to go after or do whatever their heart
desires or whatever is on their mind.
So along the way, they learn lessons, make mistakes,
fail, succeed, and ultimately get to know and understand
themselves better than “nice guys” know and understand
If you don’t confidently know or understand yourself
as well as you’d like, start changing it by overcoming your
fears, living life, and learning as much as you can.
Experience is the true teacher of all things.
The fastest and most surefire way to get to know
and understand yourself better is to get out there and do
whatever it is you’re afraid of doing.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Do you know how good you are at walking up to
women and talking to them?
Do you know how you’ll handle yourself if you’re in a
social setting ALONE and without your friends?
Do you know how well you’ll do when women start
testing you and poking at you to see if you’re the
type of sturdy man they’re looking for?
Do you know where you stand in your social circle?
Do you have any clue what your chances are of
women being attracted to you if you go to a new bar
or hangout spot?
Knowing and understanding yourself is a crucial trait
that women WANT you to have. They need you to have
it. They aren’t looking for a guys who are still “figuring
themselves out”. They want guys who are sure of
themselves, have experience, and know who they are.
As much as you want to meet a great woman who is
perfect for you, that woman wants to meet a great man
who knows what they hell is going on in his mind, body,
emotions, and life.
Knowing and understanding yourself boosts your
confidence, self-esteem, and makes you more secure,
composed, and capable of attracting women you want.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“If you know the enemy and
know yourself, you need not
fear the results of a hundred
battles.”Sun Tzu
“The better you know yourself,
the better your relationship
with the rest of the world.”
Toni Collette
“The most difficult thing in life
is to know yourself.”Thales
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#2 Strong
Sense of SelfWorth

We all deeply desire to feel and be significant,
important, special, and worthy in one way or another.
We need to know our life matters – that we’re here
for a reason or a purpose.
Bad boys intuitively KNOW that they are significant,
important, special, and worthy.
They intuitively know they are “good enough” for
Why do women find this attractive?
To make it simple, in my eBook How to Quit Being a
Loser With Women, I talk about how others naturally
treat you the same as you treat yourself.
If you think poorly of yourself, women will think
poorly of you.
If you don’t value yourself, women won’t value you.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
If you don’t believe in your ability to attract women,
women won’t feel attraction for you.
If you believe you’re attractive, women are more
likely find you attractive.
If you believe you’re fun and cool, women are more
likely to have fun with you and say you’re cool.
Making sense?
What most of us aren’t aware of is that our body
language and behavior directly reflect what is happening
in our mind:
If we don’t value ourselves, we’re going to “look”
like we don’t value ourselves.
If we don’t think highly of ourselves, we’re going to
“look” like we don’t think highly of ourselves.
If we don’t believe women will find us valuable,
we’re going to naturally “look” and behave in a way
that says, “You shouldn’t be attracted to me. I’m not
very valuable to you or worth your time. You’d be
better off with another guy.”
You can’t fake the transfer of your thoughts to
action and there’s no “tricks” to avoid or get around it.
Start giving women “clues” and tips on how they
should see you, feel about you, and treat you by treating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
yourself well, valuing yourself, and having a strong sense
of self-worth.
How do you value yourself more and start feeling
that you’re “good enough” for women?
Physically take care of yourself – work out, eat right,
good hygiene, dress well, good haircut, and pay
attention to the details of your overall appearance.
Handle emotional and mental issues – learn to have
better control over your emotions, anxiety,
nervousness, shyness, etc. around women.
Establish goals and work on them – stay productive
and work towards goals that will benefit you in the
long run. Women prefer men who are establishing
themselves and going places in life.
Get a better job – always try to outdo yourself and
push yourself to do better occupationally.
Have a life – do your best to make yourself happy
emotionally, socially, occupationally, and financially.
If someone or something is making you feel less
worthy or valuable, get rid of that person or thing.
Fill your life with beneficial people and experiences.
Work on this stuff regularly, value yourself more,
and you’ll know you’re “worthy” of women’s attention.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Your self-worth has nothing to
do with your craft or calling,
and everything to do with how
you treat yourself.” Kris Carr
“When you please others in
hopes of being accepted, you
lose your self-worth in the
process.” Dave Pelzer
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#3 Define Your
Bad boys don’t settle for anything less than what
they want.
There are standards and preferences that have to be
met in order for them to be happy or satisfied.
Develop this exact mindset with women…
Never accept anything below your standards or
Never accept anything that truly doesn’t make you
Anything less and you’re only cheating yourself,
watering down your character, and not being congruent.
Men with well-defined standards and preferences
are MUCH more attractive and valuable to women than
men with no real sense of standards.
The guy who’s willing to go home with ANY woman
regardless of looks or personality has no standards. You
may argue that he doesn’t discriminate, but in reality he’s
probably desperate or lacking standards.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Do you honestly believe women want to go home
with men who will sleep with ANYONE?
Most women find it disgusting.
On the other hand, if you have standards, know the
kind of women you want, and won’t settle for less,
women will make an effort to fit into that mold of what
you’re looking for just to catch your attention.
Don’t limit your standards to only what type of
women you like. Also define your standards on:
How you treat yourself
How women treat you
How you conduct yourself around women
How women conduct themselves around you
Your personal appearance
How you keep your home
How you keep your vehicle
The more standards you set for what makes you
personally happy, relieves anxiety, or gives you peace of
mind, the more it communicates to women that you’re a
man of standards, you know and value yourself, and you
know exactly what you want and don’t want for yourself
– and you’re not going to settle for anything less than
what you know you deserve!
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I have very high standards for
every part of my life – my work,
my relationships, food, and
love. I just can’t pretend.”
Olivia Wilde
“You have competition every
day because you set such high
standards for yourself that you
have to go out every day and
live up to that.” Michael
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#4 Be Picky
If you have standards, then being picky is the “icing
on the cake”.
The pickier you are, the more elusive, harder to
please, and harder to get women will notice you.
It increases your value and communicates to women
they’ll have to work for your time and attention – and
THEY LOVE THE CHALLENGE of working to get a man they
Why do we dream of having the hottest woman alive
more than the second, third, or fourth hottest woman?
Because we unconsciously know our chances of
being with her are much slimmer because she can have
practically any man she wants.
We know she’s pickier than most women and harder
to get – so her overall value in our mind sky rockets.
She goes from being attainable to “I wish” status.
The less attainable she seems, the MORE we want her.
The pickier you are, the harder to get you’ll seem to
her, and the more she’ll want you.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
If you’re not a really picky guy right now, it’s possible
you’re just afraid of messing up your chances with
women by being too selective. Don’t think this way.
Become pickier and more selective.
As you learned with standards, don’t only be picky
with the women you meet and go out with – be picky
with the way you dress, the food you eat, the stuff you
drink, the places you go, the words you use, and the little
details of your everyday life.
If you’re not as picky, she’s more likely to think
you’re bland, boring, uninteresting, unexciting, unoriginal
and it’ll communicate you don’t have much character or
much of a personality.
It’s all the little things ABOUT yourself that tell
women who you are rather than the stuff that comes out
of your mouth when you’re blabbing about yourself.
Remember, women like a man who knows and
understands himself and the pickier she sees you are
(without going overboard with it), the more she’ll be
convinced that you are a man of character, you have
personality, and you’re worth her time.
Don’t take just anything that comes along. Reach
higher, take bigger risks, and reap bigger rewards.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I’m really picky.” Seann
William Scott – From
“American Pie”, “Road
Trip”, “The Rundown”
“Working with James Cameron,
you’re used to working very,
very long days and you’re very
meticulous about details. He’s
very, very picky about little
details, little character-isms and
things.” Laz Alonso
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#5 Be Your Own
Have you ever heard a woman say she really wants a
man who’s a follower, lets everyone think for him, is
unoriginal, and not unique at all?
Me neither!
Bad boys are their own man and are oblivious to
what other guys are thinking, saying, and doing. They live
in their own world, do their own thing, and truly don’t
care at all what anyone else does or thinks.
Being your own man means:
Thinking for yourself
You have your own identity
Not conforming to society
Having your own style
Not affected by the criticisms, judgements, and
opinions of others
Being comfortable in your own skin
Being happy with who you are
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Being “your own man” doesn’t mean you are
COMPLETELY and idiotically unaware of anything outside
of yourself. That would make you look like an egotistical,
ignorant, overly self-centered, and blind jackass.
There’s a limit when it comes to being your own man
and any guy with common sense is perfectly aware of
when “being your own man” is taken too far.
Of course, you can’t violate laws or do things that
are considered extremely unacceptable or inhumane
because you’re “being your own man”.
Being your own man also means that you:
Let things that you don’t care to hear go in one ear
and out the other.
Know if you’re doing things right or wrong by the
success, or lack thereof it, you’re seeing in your life.
You live to make yourself happy first and you don’t
need the approval of anyone, especially women.
You know that not one single person is liked by every
single person – even Mother Theresa had haters so
that should say a lot.
If you work every single day at being your own man
and pay no mind to how other men are thinking, talking
and behaving, women will definitely notice.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Those who mind don’t matter
and those who matter don’t
mind.” Dr. Seuss
“To enjoy good health, to bring
true happiness to one’s family,
to bring peace to all, one must
first discipline and control one’s
own mind. If a man can control
his mind he can find the way to
Enlightenment, and all wisdom
and virtue will naturally come
to him.” Buddha
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Your time is limited, so don’t
waste it living someone else’s
life. Don’t be trapped in dogma
– which is living with the results
of other people’s thinking.
Don’t let the noise of others’
opinions drown out your own
inner voice. And most
important, have the courage to
follow your heart and
intuition.” Steve Jobs
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#6 Be
Bad boys don’t get dependent and “lovesick”.
They’re independent of needing anything or anyone
outside of themselves to feel happy, satisfied, or
complete. They’re independent of needing women in
their life 24/7 or always needing to be “in love” or deep
in a relationship with a woman to feel happy and
If you want to be very successful with women, learn to
become completely independent and happy when you’re
single and not down in the dumps wishing you had a
girlfriend or a woman to love you.
If you’re unhappy being single and you have some
issues with self-esteem, confidence, and self-worthiness,
then you’re dragging all of that “negative” stuff into your
relationships with women and it’s going to cause major
problems between you and her down the road.
But when you’re happy being single and not feeling
sorry for yourself, you’re bringing positive stuff into your
relationships and nothing that’ll work against you.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#7 Self-Reliance
Bad boys are self-reliant and don’t really “need”
anyone else to get along in life.
If they have a problem, they find a way to solve it.
If they want something, they find a way to get it.
If no one’s around to help them, they find a way to
get it done instead of saying, “I can’t” and giving up.
If you’re always in “need’ of someone’s help to
function and get things done, women will ultimately see
you as more of a helpless child rather than a grown ass
man who makes things happen.
We’re not the 1950’s anymore and it’s important to
become self-reliant in all aspects of your life.
Women are no longer expected or required to be
the one to get your food, cook your food, wash your
clothes, iron your clothes, pick up your mess, clean the
house, mow your lawn, trim your nails, trim your back
hair, handle the kids, change diapers, etc.
Women would much rather be an improvement to
your life than a necessity. When women see that you
“need” them, they’ll lose respect and attraction for you.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“The consuming desire of most
human beings is deliberately to
plant their whole life in the
hands of some other person. I
would describe this method of
searching for happiness as
immature. Development of
character consists solely in
moving toward selfsufficiency.”
Quentin Crisp

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#8 Wear the
Women dig leaders, want leaders, and dream of
being with them.
They also dig the guy leading his own life in the
direction he wants it to go instead of being a follower.
Women never point to the guy in the back and say, “I
want that guy because he’s a follower!”
Back before our modern society filled with
electricity, computers, nice homes, cars, and everything
that makes life easier, women sought out and wanted to
be with men who were leaders and better able to
provide food, shelter, comfort, and safety.
Women are born with “wiring” that tells them to
seek out leaders. The lead singer of the band, the
quarterback, the captain, the CEO, the president, etc.
have a certain sex appeal that followers don’t.
Women are naturally attracted to the dude in charge
– even if he’s ugly!
That’s how powerful being a leader is.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
You don’t see bad boys following groups of guys
around and trying to be one of them. Bad boys get
followed – not the other way around.
They think, behave, do things, and see the world in
their own way. They follow their own “internal” guidance
system that makes them “natural leaders”. They’re born
to do their own thing.
Whatever direction a bad boy’s life is headed, he’s
being pushed by something “inside” of him and not by
things he sees others doing or what he sees on Facebook,
TV, or hears on the radio. He thinks for himself. He does
what he wants. Bad boys usually have a bigger agenda
than the average man and they know exactly where
they’re headed and why.
So take a close look at your life right now…
Look at everything in it – Do you know where you are
headed? Do you know why you are headed there? Are
you headed in the right direction? Or are you simply
doing what you do because you’re following the person
or thing that you think is “cool” or “socially acceptable”?
If you are being a follower, stop following and start
doing your own thing. Take your life in the direction you
want and stick to it regardless of what anyone’s opinion.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Before you are a leader,
success is all about growing
yourself. When you become a
leader, success is all about
growing others.” Jack
“Leadership is influence.”
John C. Maxwell

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“A true leader has the
confidence to stand alone, the
courage to make tough
decisions, and the compassion
to listen to the needs of others.
He does not set out to be a
leader, but becomes one by the
equality of his actions and the
integrity of his intent.” John
C. Maxwell

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#9 Dominance
Women are naturally submissive and unconsciously
WANT a more dominant man to be submissive to.
The primal part of their brains tells them that more
dominant men will produce healthier sperm and stronger
and healthier offspring.
Well who do you know that’s more dominant than a
bad boy?
No one really…
Because if you think about it, all of the most
dominant men in history, business, sports, film, music,
etc. were and still are considered “bad boys”.
So dominance is a major defining and highly
attractive trait of bad boys.
How do you become more dominant so women find
you more attractive?
Start by dominating YOURSELF.
Not dominating women.
Not dominating other men.
Not dominating animals.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Not dominating 12 year old kids on Call of Duty.
Not dominating your co-workers in fantasy
A lot of men fake being dominant but they have no
clue of what real dominance is.
We all have a part of our brain that is still a child and
it wants things fast and easy, is about short-term
gratification, wants to be immature, irresponsible, lazy,
and doesn’t want to do anything that is the least bit
painful – regardless of whether it’s beneficial or not.
It wants to stay in charge, keep you acting like a
child, and making childish decisions instead of being
grown up and mature about things.
When you need to get out of bed, the childish part
of your brain is telling you, “Screw that. You’re
comfortable. Stay in bed.”
When you need to go to the gym to work out, the
childish part of your brain is saying, “Screw that! Let’s
hang out, eat junk food, watch TV all day, and be lazy
because I really don’t feel like going through all that pain
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
When you need to go to bed early or on time, the
childish part of your brain is saying, “Nah. Let’s stay up
even later. We’ll be ok on 4 hours of sleep.”
When you want to lose control of your emotions, the
childish part of your brain says, “Go ahead and let it all
out! It feels good! Throw a temper tantrum because
you’re not getting your way!”
Dominating yourself first means getting this childish
part of your brain under control.
We actually don’t realize just how much of our
decision making process and behavior is hijacked by this
“inner child” unless we pay strict attention and do our
best to take control back.
So when you tell yourself “no”, you are actually
telling the childish part of your brain “no”.
When you tell yourself “no”, you’re telling your inner
child, “I’m in control here! Not you! I’m in the driver’s
seat. I’m making the decisions that are best for me and
my life. You’re going to stay out of my way and not mess
it all up for me.”
With time, practice, and patience, you’ll get better
and better at controlling your inner child and better at
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
allowing the “inner grown up” to run the show and make
When you get your inner child under control, you
are becoming more dominant over YOURSELF.
You are getting your thinking, feelings, behavior, and
actions under control and no longer being submissive to
your “inner child” or undisciplined side.
So why is it so important to dominate yourself first?
Because if you’re submissive to your inner child and
the things you know you shouldn’t be doing, how
submissive are you going to be to women?
Women DO NOT want submissive men because it’s
almost impossible to feel attraction for them.
What is being submissive to women?
Saying yes to every request.
Not knowing how to say “no”.
Being afraid to say “no”.
Letting women walk all over you.
Letting women use you for money.
Letting women talk down to you and be verbally
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Not speaking up when she does something you don’t
When you learn how to say “no” to women and you
don’t let them mistreat you in any way, you are being
dominant. The type of dominant women like.
Remember, people only get away with what you let
them get away with.
Think about this:
Why should women treat you with respect if you
don’t treat yourself with respect?
Why should women respect your “no” if you don’t
respect a “no” to yourself?
Why should women not use you if you use yourself
and mistreat yourself?
Being dominant is not dominating women or other
Being dominant is putting your foot down and
dominating unacceptable and “bullshit” behavior from
yourself, women, and others.
When you are able to dominate your thinking,
feelings, and behavior, women will NATURALLY become
more submissive to you – which is what they want.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Since women are timid by nature, they just first need
to be sure that it’s “safe” to be submissive to you.
When they know it’s safe to be submissive, they’re
more willing to do things with you and for you that they
would never do with or for other, more submissive, men.
Being dominant over yourself causes you to become
calmer and more in control of yourself. Instead of having
childish reactions to things happening around you, you’re
calm and quietly planning what to do.
Instead of getting overly excited or cocky when a
woman likes you, you’re staying calm and figuring out
how to amplify the attraction without driving her away.
So if you want women to feel attraction for you
because you’re just as dominant as the bad boys they
desperately want, quit being submissive to yourself and
Tell yourself “no”.
Tell your inner child “no”.
Tell women “no”.
Conquer and become dominant over yourself and
women will naturally let you be in charge, become more
submissive, and respect your dominance.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I am afraid that women
appreciate cruelty, downright
cruelty, more than anything
else. They have wonderfully
primitive instincts. We have
emancipated them, but they
remain slaves looking for their
masters, all the same.”Oscar
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Dominance is all about
knowing how to outsmart and
outwit those who would seek to
dominate you.”Carlos
“A woman is attracted to a man
she feels is more powerful than
her.”Carlos Xuma
Alpha men have the ability to
say ‘NO’.”Carlos Xuma
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“If you can’t be in control of
yourself and dominate yourself,
others will KNOW they have
control over you and they WILL
dominate you.”Marc
“If you’re always submissive to
your inner child, you’ll remain
childish and submissive to
women and others.”Marc
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#10 Go For
What You Want
Bad boys fearlessly go after what they want instead
of sitting around waiting for what they want to come to
them. They know life is too short and they’ll never have it
if they don’t go out and get it.
If they want to talk to a woman, they go and talk to
If they want her phone number, they go and get it.
If they want to hold her hand, they hold her hand.
If they want to kiss her, they go in for the kiss.
If they want to take the relationship or friendship to
the next level, they tell her what they want.
Bad boys don’t ask, “Is it ok?” questions. They take
risks and go for whatever they have their sights set on.
Become the same way:
If you want to talk to her, talk to her.
If you want her phone number, get it.
If you want to hold her hand or touch her, do it.
If you want to kiss her, go for the kiss.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Carry this mindset around in ALL aspects of your life
instead of just with women. Don’t sit around “waiting”
for the things you want to come to you. Go and get ‘em!
Women are attracted to “go getters” and bad boys
don’t waste time getting the things they want and
building the life they know they deserve.
Go buy books and get the knowledge YOU WANT.
Go experience, learn, and get the mindset YOU
Go get the job and make the money YOU WANT.
Go drive the car and get that house YOU WANT.
Go attract the women YOU WANT.
Bad boys KNOW they can get and have whatever
they set their sights on. If they believe it, they can do it.
Become stubborn.
Work for what you want.
Fight for what you want.
Believe in yourself that you’ll get what you want.
Don’t waste your time or your life waiting around for
the things you want to magically appear in your life. It’ll
likely NEVER happen if you’re not willing to work it. Go
for what you want and get what you want in every aspect
of your life.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“If men knew all that women
think, they’d be twenty times
more daring.”Alphonse
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#11 Never NEED
Women or
If you feel you “need” women or a relationship (for
ANY reason), you’re doomed from the start.
I’m not saying AT ALL that women or being in a
relationship is bad. What I AM saying is that the mindset
of “I’ll die if I don’t have a girlfriend” is bad.
Weak, desperate, needy, clingy, and “nice” guys
carry this mindset around and it’s a big reason they don’t
have the success with women they really want.
Whatever is happening in your mind shows up in your
So instead of being needy, if you’re not freaking out
and OK with not having a girlfriend, women will see you
as laid back, cool, collect, calm, and confident and it’ll
earn you cool points with the ones you want.
Bad boys never “need” women or relationships and
they’re the ones with all the women. Go figure…
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“The man who can best get
along with women is the man
who can best get along without
them.” Jason Statham –
The Expendables

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#12 Don’t Tell
Me Sh*t
Bad boys don’t like being told what to do, when to
come and go, where to be, and when to be there.
They’re the animal that can’t be tamed – the
employee that’s virtually unemployable.
Women are drawn to the untamed men who march
to the beat of their own drum more than the “square”
nice guys they often meet.
Nice guys like to be good little boys who always want
to be rewarded for listening and following the rules.
Bad boys don’t care. They don’t care about being
recognized, rewarded, or praised because they do what
they want and they’ll praise and reward themselves.
If you’re always a good little boy who does what
mommy tells him and you don’t have an insubordinate
side, women may think you’re “safe”, but they won’t feel
a deep sexual attraction for you.
Live on your own terms and do what you really want
to do (within reason). Not what you’re told.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“There’s a rebel lying deep in
my soul.” Clint Eastwood
“I mean, I never liked being told
what to do. Give me something
to assemble, I won’t look at the
directions. I’ll try to figure it out
by myself.” Dave Grohl
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#13 Bend Rules
In the bad boy’s mind, rules are just imaginary lines
made up by men and technically, they’re not that real or
This being said, this gives the bad boy parameters to
do as he pleases. He simply isn’t afraid of bending rules.
Let me be clear, I’m not talking about laws like
murder, theft, rape, selling drugs, and any other serious
I’m talking about other semi-important stuff and
rules that most people follow, but some bend.
I can’t get too specific here because it depends on
your life and what rules you are bound to in your job,
school, community, etc.
The point is that bad boy’s believe they have more
important stuff to worry about rather than following
some silly law or rule that really doesn’t hurt anyone if
they bend it or break it.
Nice guys aren’t “risk takers” and believe rules are
carved into stone. The people we remember most are
the ones who bent the rules and went against the grain.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“We do not long remember
those who followed the rules
more diligently than anyone
else.” David Bayles
“Any fool can make a rule, and
every fool will mind it.” Henry
David Thoreau
“If you obey all the rules, you
miss all the fun.” Katharine
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“You don’t learn to walk by
following rules. You learn by
doing, and by falling over.”
Richard Branson
“Nothing is more destructive of
human dignity than a rule
which imposes a mute and blind
obedience.” Anthony Eden

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#14 Set Your
Own Rules
So that being said, bad boys like to make their own
rules. Rules keep you from getting in over your head and
keep your life from becoming chaotic.
And I’m not talking about rules like not chewing gum
in class or no running at the pool.
Bad boys and dominant men live by rules and codes
of conduct – like having respect for other men and not
sleeping with their wives.
A lot of these are called “guy code”.
Things that guys unconsciously know aren’t cool to
do whether they’re with women or with their buddies.
These rules come from their personal experiences
and things that they’ve discovered along the way that
they particularly don’t like at all.
Some bad boys have weird rules like not allowing
women to spend the night and not staying the night at
women’s houses. Others don’t tell women anything
about themselves until they’ve gotten to know them.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Some rules are just for personal reasons and others
are plain common sense, character building, or to make
you a better person.
Accept full responsibility for your actions, results,
and your life.
Never pussy out on talking to a woman you’re
interested in.
Don’t lie to pick up women.
Don’t disrespect yourself.
Don’t be dishonest with yourself.
Never accept less than the best.
Don’t accept disrespect, lies, or mistreatment.
Don’t let anyone talk down to you or talk to you like
you’re a child or an idiot.
Your friends’ family and spouses are off limits.
Don’t rat on your friends and even your enemies.
Don’t air your dirty laundry to anyone.
Don’t talk shit about anyone unless it’s to their face.
Don’t talk about anyone’s business if they’re not
Never share an umbrella with another guy – ever.
Don’t sacrifice values to get ahead.
Don’t break your own rules if it isn’t worth it.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“He who reigns within himself
and rules passions, desires, and
fears is more than a king.”
John Milton
“Learn the rules of the game
and play better than anyone
else.” Albert Einstein

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#15 Adventurer
A lot of bad boys are adrenaline junkies and they
don’t stay inside all day because they’re afraid of a little
danger. Women love this dangerous and adventurous
Bad boys break rules, do what they want, and like
the thrill of danger and adventure.
How often are bad boys given simple cars or trucks
for their roles in movies?
Not often.
They’re often shown going fast on motorcycles, in
racecars, or hanging off of the sides of airplane.
Bad boys think life is boring unless it’s full of fun and
Women like tagging along with bad boys, being risky,
and being dangerous with them because it’s the
excitement they deeply crave.
I’m not saying to get a bike or be reckless, but if you
think staying inside all day playing video games is going
to wow her pants off, think again. Be adventurous. Take
her skydiving, hiking, paintballing, go-karting, surfing, etc.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#16 Selfish
One of the biggest things women notice about bad
boys is that they’re selfish.
They always put themselves first and think about
others second.
Bad boys are the center of their own attention.
They take themselves and their lives very seriously
and whatever is happening in their mind, they’re going to
focus their attention on making it happen.
They spend time with women when they “feel” like
spending time with them.
They call and text women back when they “feel” like
calling them back.
They compromise with women when they “feel” like
compromising with women.
Yes bad boys are selfish but it’s A LOT more
attractive than the super nice guy who overly giving and
puts everyone’s needs before his own.
Become a little selfish in your own life. Give a lot to
yourself before you can give a lot to others.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“To be successful you have to
be selfish, or else you never
achieve. And once you get to
your highest level, then have to
be unselfish. Stay reachable.
Stay in touch. Don’t isolate.
Michael Jordan
“Sometimes you have to be
selfish to be selfless.” Edward
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#17 Emotionally
Bad boys don’t lose control of their emotions.
They don’t cry like little mama’s boys over mediocre
Bad boys are emotionally tough.
They don’t bitch, whine, cry, moan, complain, or wet
their bed because something isn’t going their way.
They suck it up, deal with it, and find a way to make
it better.
If it’s within their control, they handle it.
If it’s not within their control, they know that letting
it affect them in any way is completely pointless.
When times get tough with women, it’s important to
remain emotionally in control and don’t get your face
wet over it. Don’t complain to other people just to get
their pity.
If you whine, bitch, or complain a lot over things that
are or aren’t within your control, work on it.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Women aren’t looking for weak men who whine and
They want men who suck it up and deal with their
problems head on instead of crying about them.
Part of the reason bad boys can control their
emotions so well is because they understand getting
upset isn’t going to make anything better.
They understand that whatever they’re going
through is “part of life” and not worth being unhappy
When nice guys get rejected by women, they beat
themselves up, feel sorry for themselves, feel like total
losers, and believe there’s something personally wrong
with them that can’t be fixed.
Bad boys handle it much differently.
They laugh it off and never let rejection bother them
because they know it’s not about them, it’s about her.
They know it’s not because there’s something wrong
with them or that they did something wrong.
It’s something that is beyond their control and
instead of crying about it, they move on and try again.
Learn to “adapt and overcome” instead of getting upset.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“The sign of an intelligent
people is their ability to control
their emotions by the
application of reason.” Mara
“Take control of your consistent
emotions and begin to
consciously and deliberately
reshape your daily experience
of life.” Tony Robbins

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#18 Hard to
If you’re easy to impress, then you’re easy to fool,
probably not getting the respect you deserve, and
probably not working hard enough in your life to impress
If you’re a man who’s hard to impress, women will
respect you more and won’t waste your time when they
have it.
Bad boys are hard to impress.
They don’t care how hot she is because they’ve had
women just as hot or hotter, how expensive her purse or
clothes are because they’ve had women with more
money, or how thick she lays on the charm because
they’ve had women more charming.
Stop being easily impressed by women’s beauty,
dresses, money, charm, etc.
When you become too impressed and enamored,
you start kissing ass, acting needy, doing the things she’s
not looking for, and you end up scaring her away.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#19 Mysterious
As soon as a woman has you completely figured out,
if you’re not as amazing as she hoped you’d be, she’ll be
gone faster than you can blink.
Being mysterious is a tool that keeps women
interested, attracted, and thinking about you.
Bad boys are naturally mysterious and don’t care to
talk about themselves so women are NATURALLY
infatuated with them.
Nice guys have the bad habit of being anything but
They love to blab about their family, job, car, house,
video game collection, and their best friend in third grade
– on the first date!
When women are constantly learning small tidbits of
info that you’ve never told her, she’s going to enjoy
getting to know you a lot more than if you just tell her
your complete life story. She’s going to enjoy the mystery
of the man she just can’t quite figure out.
If you have the bad habit of telling women WAY too
much about yourself, zip it. Seriously…
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
You don’t have to answer every single question
about yourself or tell her something about yourself every
time she tells you something about herself.
You don’t have to tell her about your family, pets,
friends, and hobbies, or stamp collection just so she’ll
feel safe with you and trust you.
All that stuff is only context and MOST WOMEN
TRULY DON’T GIVE A DAMN about that stuff.
They only ask those questions because they don’t
know you and don’t know what else to talk about.
How often do you go home thinking about the boring
details of a woman’s life? Never because that’s exactly
what they are – boring details.
How often do you remember the fun or funny
conversations? Almost always.
So instead of talking about personal stuff, talk about
hilarious movies or YouTube videos that you enjoy. Talk
about stuff that makes both of you laugh and enjoy each
other’s company but in the end amounts to literally
nothing. At the end of the night, the both of you talked
about literally nothing and it was the most fun
conversation she’s ever had with a man.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Like, I have been into the
surfer blond frat guys, and then
there’s definitely a thing where
I like the dark, mysterious bad
boy.” Ashley Tisdale
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#20 Opinionated
But Silent
As the saying goes, “Opinions are like assholes,
everyone has one.”
Bad boys are VERY opinionated but they don’t share
what’s on their mind all the time.
Especially with women.
Have you ever noticed that the person who always
shares their opinion at work or on Facebook usually ends
up looking or sounding like a real idiot?
Bad boys understand this.
They understand their opinion is meaningless unless
someone is specifically asking for it.
It’s ok to have an opinion and even give someone a
stupid look because of what you’re thinking, just don’t
verbally express what you think too often.
The more powerful man is the one who keeps his
thoughts at bay and doesn’t feel the need to share
what’s on his mind with the world. Become that man.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#21 A “Good”
A lot of women stay with bad boys that they know
aren’t “good” for them because they have seen a “good
side” of these bad boys that they desperately want to
draw out and see again.
Bad boys don’t constantly advertise their good side
just to get approval. That’s “nice guy” stuff.
Showing too much of a “good side” can get really
annoying to women and they like it when men are just
“themselves” or they have somewhat of a “bad side”.
When interacting with women, don’t try to act like
the perfect angel and constantly try to show them your
good side so they’ll be convinced that you’re a great guy
and think higher of you. Just be neutral. Just be cool. Just
be a normal guy who doesn’t need approval.
Don’t strive to prove to women you’re the best guy
in the whole world. It comes off as fake, planned, and
devious. Just be yourself, live your life, don’t seek
approval, and she’ll see and admire your “good side” at
the times you least expect.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#22 Don’t Take
Sh*t from
Bad boys aren’t going to let anyone talk bad about
them, put up with a nasty attitude from anyone, and
aren’t going to let anyone be abusive in any way to them.
Bad boys have defined standards on how they treat
themselves and they expect everyone around them live
up to that same standard.
If someone gets out of line or doesn’t know who
they’re talking to, they get put in their place.
Become the same way.
Don’t let anyone talk bad about you, give you
unnecessary attitude, or be abusive towards you without
you making them completely aware you’re not “OK” with
the way they’re talking to you and treating you.
When women see they can’t treat you the same way
they treat other guys, they’ll instantly feel more
attraction for you and treat you with more respect.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#23 Unaffected
by Her Opinion
We worry about the opinions of others and allow
those opinions to affect us more than we should.
We strive to think, say, and do the right things so
we’ll be seen as cool and accepted by as many people as
Bad boys literally don’t give a shit about anyone’s
opinion – especially women’s opinions!
opinions of others because it’s a huge turn off for them
when we’re constantly worried about what she and
everyone else thinks!
I learned something interesting from David
Deangelo that helped me get over my fear of what
people think:
25% of people will immediately like you and can’t be
persuaded not to like you
25% of people will immediately like you BUT can be
persuaded not to like you
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
25% of people won’t like you at all BUT can be
persuaded to like you
And 25% of people won’t like you and will never like
you no matter what.
It’s simply not possible to make 100% of the people
around you happy 100% of the time.
It’s NOT within your control.
You’re going to meet people who are your best
friend when you meet, and then you’re enemies in the
blink of an eye.
You’re going to meet people who you swear are your
enemies and they become your best friends.
If I don’t like someone the first time I meet them, I
usually end up becoming good friends with them and
vice versa. You don’t have as much control as you think
over what others think of you.
STOP CARING about opinions. It doesn’t matter if it’s
about you as a person, your attitude, hair, car, the way
you walk/talk, your height, weight, clothes, etc.
Pay no mind to it.
If you have time notice other’s opinion of you, then
you’re not busy enough being a bad ass.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#24 Other Men
Don’t Compare
When you “know” other men don’t compare to you,
it doesn’t mean you’re being a cocky and arrogant
asshole. It means you have an inner confidence that
other men don’t carry around inside of them.
When bad boys meet a woman, they intuitively
“know” she’s never met anyone like them and probably
never will. They “know” if things go right, it’s not going to
take long to get her phone number and maybe even take
her home. They “know” she’s going to admit to him that
she “feeling” things she doesn’t feel with other men.
How do bad boys “know” this is going to happen?
Because they know and understand themselves,
have a deep inner confidence, and they have more than
enough experience with women.
This experience has helped them figured out
“patterns” of female behavior and these patterns help
accurately predict in their mind how their interactions
with women will go.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#25 Enjoy Life
It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking life too
seriously or not taking it seriously enough.
We all have things we’re concerned about, things
that bug us, areas in life that we feel we’re falling behind,
things we feel we can be doing better at, and so on.
It’s important not to let this stuff get the best of you
and to know when to turn your brain off, stop worrying,
chill out, and not let anything rattle you.
Bad boys have the innate ability to just tune out
everything around them and relax regardless of what’s
happening in their life. They have the ability to simply
“not care” in situations where most of us would be
freaking out or losing our minds.
It’s a level of self-control that women find irresistible
and if you can learn it, it will help you tremendously with
women and in many other areas of your life.
When something is beyond your control, like getting
rejected by a woman, don’t let it bounce around in your
brain and keep you up at night. Don’t waste time
worrying about the stuff that “nice guys” worry about.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“If you go around being afraid,
you’re never going to enjoy life.
You have only one chance, so
you’ve got to have fun.”
Lindsey Vonn
“I’ve never really taken
anything very seriously. I enjoy
life because I enjoy making
other people enjoy it.” Tim
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#26 Positive
Something we went over lightly earlier – however
you treat yourself is how women are going to treat you.
Whatever is happening inside your mind is going to
manifest itself in your facial expressions, body language,
and behavior.
Women will know if you have a negative self-image
or a positive self-image and how they should treat you
based on how you treat yourself.
A positive self-image motivates those around you to
start feeling better about themselves and believing in
themselves. A negative self-image will only drag yourself
and those around you down.
Bad boys for the most part view themselves in a
positive light. They may not be all puppies and candy
canes about stuff but they definitely don’t bash
themselves either. They have a “can do” attitude toward
themselves and their abilities. If you want women to see
you in a positive light, start seeing YOURSELF in a more
positive light.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“A poor self-image is the
magnifying glass that can
transform a trivial mistake or
an imperfection into an
overwhelming symbol of
personal defeat.” David D.

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#27 Aware of
Your Appearance
I’ve never said that women don’t care whatsoever
about appearances and I never will.
Women DO look to see if you actually give a shit
about taking care of yourself.
Women DO care if you look like you woke up in a
ditch or if you actually make an effort to look
Yes having an awesome personality overrides not
being the most handsome guy but it won’t help you
much if you’re a slob and you pay zero attention to how
you look.
Pay attention to your appearance and work on it.
Bad boys don’t just wake up and leave the house.
They look in the mirror, brush their teeth, comb
their hair, put on cologne, and many of them are super
picky about how they dress and the condition of their
Women don’t run away from great looking guys.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#28 In Shape
Bad boys also try to work out and stay in shape.
If they’re not built like Mr. Universe, they at least
make an effort to have a real masculine build.
When you ask women to describe “bad boys”, one of
the first things they’ll say is “muscles” or in “great
Being in great shape is the “cherry on top” of being a
bad boy.
You can have the bad boy state of mind and do well
with the ladies or you can be in great shape and multiply
your results x 10!
It’s a huge plus when women are physically attracted
to you as much as they are mentally and emotionally
attracted to you.
It’s hard to be a true bad ass if you’re a weakling and
aren’t strong enough to lift furniture or even a woman.
If you don’t know what to do first to get in better
shape, start by improving your eating habits and then
start working on your core muscles like chest, abs,
shoulders, biceps, triceps, and legs.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#29 Personal
Problems in
Don’t let personal problems plague you, follow you
around, and make you unhappy.
The more personal problems you ignore and pay no
mind to, the bigger and bigger they’ll grow until it’s too
hard to deal with them.
A 3 inch snowball can become a massive 30-foot
boulder if it keeps rolling downhill and collecting snow.
If you’re not happy with your personal appearance,
fix it. Start going to the gym, eating better, drinking more
water, and taking better care of yourself.
If you’re not happy in your financial situation, fix it.
Get a new job, educate yourself on money, start saving
more money instead of wasting it, and attack your debt.
It doesn’t matter what your personal problem is, it
won’t get better until you start taking action towards
making it better.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#30 Handle
We also ALL face tough situations from time to time
but those situations will never get better until you start
taking action towards handling them.
I had a bad relationship with my father for many
It was a really tough situation.
It was even tougher to step forward and take baby
steps to handle it and make it better.
But after it was all said and done, had I never
handled that situation with my father, I wouldn’t be the
man I am today. I wouldn’t have the relationship with my
father that I have today.
Whatever your tough situation, the longer you
ignore it, the tougher it will get.
The more you handle tough situations head on, the
easier they will be to deal with when they come up.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#31 SelfRespect

Respecting yourself means women are more likely to
respect you. It means you’re more likely to get the
respect you really want from those around you.
Not respecting yourself means women are more
likely NOT to respect you and you’re less likely to get the
respect of those around you.
Men who truly respect themselves are in higher
demand, becoming increasingly rare, and harder for
women to find.
When you respect yourself, you don’t allow others
to disrespect you, treat you unfairly, or talk to you in a
way that belittles you and you carry yourself with class,
humility, and composure.
Being disrespectful to women to look like a bad ass
won’t make you look like a bad boy, but instead like an
insecure jackass who lacks respect for himself, women,
and others. A real bad ass respects himself enough not to
let anyone mistreat him.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Self-respect knows no
considerations.” Mahatma
“Self-respect is the fruit of
discipline; the sense of dignity
grows with the ability to say no
to oneself.” Abraham
Joshua Heschel

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#32 Change
Only For You
Women fall for bad boys and eventually see part of
their behavior and personality that they would love to
see “change” for the better.
Nice guys make whatever changes she wants
because they’re so afraid of losing her.
Bad boys change only for themselves. Changing to
make a woman happy just isn’t in their DNA and not
what makes them happy. What makes bad boys happy is
being “who they are” and women accepting it.
If they do make any changes, it’s what they want and
not what women, friends, co-workers, or family
members want.
If you’re always making changes to “who you are”
just to please women, stop it. Become the man you’re
happy being and she can either deal with it or find
someone else. Simple as that.
This mindset is more attractive to women than
submitting and fitting their “mold”.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#33 Your Needs
Come First
Bad boys put their needs before and above all others
and if they actually don’t, they have the mindset of “my
needs come first”.
When women see that you’re always willing to put
their needs before your own, they’re not going to think
“Wow what a nice and sweet guy!” Something deep
inside of them is going to tell them you’re not the right
guy and they should move on or look somewhere else.
Have you ever met someone who always put
themselves last and felt it was somehow wrong to put
themselves first? Wasn’t there something about it that
just made your skin crawl and made you lose some
respect for them?
Now I’m not saying to NEVER put women’s needs
before your own. There’s times when it’s ok to be
What I’m saying is don’t put the needs of women
before your own just to get approval. When you put your
own needs first, women will respect you more.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#34 Your
Happiness Comes
It makes logical sense that if you put her happiness
before yours, she’ll be happier and she’ll like you more.
But women don’t work in a “logical” way.
Women actually get frustrated and annoyed when
“nice guys” are too damn nice, can’t say “no”, and give
up their whole life just to make them happy
Believe it or not, some women will deliberately keep
pushing to see how far a “yes man” will go because
they’re completely baffled at how overly nice and lame
they are! Sounds harsh but it’s totally true. Women have
evil sides!
Are you noticing a pattern of women not being
attracted to men they don’t respect? Good!
If you put her happiness BEFORE yours, she’ll lose
respect for you and dump you. She doesn’t want a “nice
guy” who doesn’t give a shit about himself.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I live for myself and I answer
to nobody.”Steve
McQueen – “The King
of Cool”

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#35 Winner
We often find ourselves on the losing end of the
spectrum when we’re not careful or not paying attention
like we should be.
Bad boys hate losing. They have nightmares about
losing. And they won’t lose in anything if they can help it.
What exactly am I talking about winning at?
In life, at work, in sports, with women, etc.
Whatever it is, if it’s competitive, they’re going to do
their best to make sure they don’t lose.
This competitive spirit is attractive to women. It sets
the winners apart from the “nice guys” and losers.
Bad boys don’t agree to and are never part of
win/lose situations. They have the “what’s in it for me”
attitude and if there’s nothing in it for them, it’s not a
win/win and it’s not good enough for them.
Develop this attitude. Become a winner in all you do.
If you’re going to do it, you better be the smartest,
fastest, and the best at it. Second place is the first loser.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Self-praise is for losers. Be a
winner. Stand for something.
Always have class, and be
humble.” John Madden
“You were born to win, but to
be a winner, you must plan to
win, prepare to win, and expect
to win.” Zig Ziglar
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#36 Stand Up
For Yourself
Bad boys don’t get picked on, teased, pushed
around, bullied, or harassed because they stand up for
themselves and don’t take shit off of anyone.
I’m not mainly talking about being picked on or
bullied by other men, I’m talking about women as well.
Sometimes when a “nice guy” likes a woman A LOT
or maybe even too much, he doesn’t stand up for himself
or what he believes in out of fear she’ll dump him or quit
talking to him.
So he takes it and takes it just to keep her in his life.
He puts up with whatever he has to in order to keep
her happy and in his life.
A bad boy doesn’t care.
If she’s mistreating him, he’s going to stand up for
If she keeps it up, she’s gone.
Simple as that.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#37 “I’m
Women will treat you like you’re important if you
carry around the simple mindset of “I’m important”.
I didn’t say to have the mindset of “I’m the most
important person in this damn building!” That will just
come off as pure arrogance and no one will like you.
Walk into a place like you own it and people will
treat you like you own it.
Bad boys don’t walk into a place, hide in a corner,
and look for the highest status guy in the room to follow
They walk in there like they’re the guy in charge.
This tells women that THEY ARE the high status guy
and the important guy in the room.
They don’t walk around literally saying, “I’m
important” or “do you know who I am!?”
Their body language, composure, facial expressions,
and the way they ultimately carry themselves is what
communicates to others “I am important”.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#38 No Dead
Who in your life is holding you back?
Who is making your life worse instead of better?
Who is always taking from you and never giving?
Who isn’t helping you to become a better person and
only dragging you down?
Who is keeping you from becoming the man you
know you can ultimately be?
If someone is keeping you down, making your life
worse, and constantly taking from you instead of giving,
they’re “dead weight” and shouldn’t be in your life.
Bad boys don’t keep “dead weight” people around.
They don’t keep anyone around who isn’t useful to them
in one way or another.
If you expect to make it anywhere in life, those who
are slowing you down are going to keep slowing you
down unless you make the choice to get the “dead
weight” off of your shoulders so you can move faster and
more freely toward your goals.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#39 Women
Don’t Use You
Deep down, women don’t want to use you.
They don’t want you to allow them to use you.
They don’t want you to be a man who is so naïve or
blinded by “love” that you allow women to walk all over
And the truth is, most women won’t use you or play
you for a fool. But I said “most”.
We all run across a woman now and again who
attempts to us as a tool or a stepping stool to get what
she wants or where she wants.
Men who are experienced with women, like bad
boys, see this coming from a mile away. They’ve been
there, done it, been used once or twice, and it won’t
happen again.
When she has an “evil agenda” or it even begins to
look that way, let her know you’re not who she thinks
you are and she’s not going to use you. If she’s already
using you, don’t be a wuss about it. Show her the door.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#40 No SelfDoubt

Doubting yourself is the first step to failing.
If you doubt you can attract a woman, you won’t.
If you doubt women will like you back, they won’t.
If you doubt you’ll get better with women and
dating, you won’t.
You brain is unbelievably powerful and your
thoughts shape your life and the world around you.
Your thoughts shape the way your life plays out and
the success you’re able to have.
NEVER underestimate the power of believing in
NEVER underestimate your ability to get what you
want in life.
Self-doubt will sabotage you and keep you from
succeeding every single time.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Bad boys don’t know what self-doubt feels like
because they’ve believed in themselves since they were
able to walk or form thought.
Men don’t become bad asses by doubting their
Everything bad boys do is backed by a belief that
they can and WILL make it happen.
Want to drain yourself of your inner power? Keep
doubting yourself and see how far you get in life.
Even if what you’re aiming for doesn’t seem realistic
in your mind – but you really want it more than anything,
believing you can get it will make it happen.
Did you know most successful people like athletes,
movie stars, CEOs, etc. never would have made it to
where they are if they had a single shred of doubt that
they could become the people they are?
Did you know that ALL men who are great with
women have a stronger self-belief system than average
I am personally convinced that believing in yourself
is more powerful than money, education, skill, talent, or
coming from a good background or family.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#41 Unphased
By Failure
Believing in yourself doesn’t mean you’re not going
to fall down, embarrass yourself, or “fail”. It just means
that when you do, you get back up faster than anyone
else and keep moving. It means that you know it doesn’t
matter how many times you fall down, that you’re going
to get back up and keep trying.
One of the first things I learned from David Deangelo
is that the word “failure” is a concept made up by men
and “failure” isn’t real. We may be able to do something
a bit better next time, but we didn’t “fail” because we
are able to collect “data” on ourselves and use it towards
improving whatever it is we’re doing.
So if that’s the case, fail as much as you can because
you’ll have a damn PDH in whatever it is you’re doing
before long!
Refreshing way to look at “failure” huh?
In the technological world, if something fails, it just
didn’t complete a task or make a full cycle of what it was
supposed to do.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Bad boys don’t believe in “failure”. They just believe
that things don’t go their way sometimes.
If they approach a woman and she’s not interested,
in their mind they didn’t “fail” to approach her, she just
wasn’t interested.
They don’t beat themselves up and feel like a loser.
A friend of mine would go home with the most
beautiful women you’ve ever seen every single time he
went out. One night I watched him walk up to 4 different
beautiful women and walk away within a few minutes
without a number or her. Instead of getting mad and
feeling like a “failure”, he would move just on to the next
one he was interested in.
What happened?
He eventually hit it off with someone and it didn’t
take long for him to close the deal.
If he carried the mindset of “failure” around in his
mind, he probably wouldn’t be able to consistently take
one beautiful women home after another.
So get the concept of “failure” out of your mind –
erase it – and every time you think you’ve “failed” at
something, remember you’ve learned and you didn’t fail.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I can accept failure, everyone
fails at something. But I can’t
accept not trying.” Michael
“Sometimes by losing a battle
you find a new way to win the
war.” Donald Trump
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Failures, repeated failures, are
finger posts on the road to
achievement. One fails forward
toward success.” C. S.

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#42 No Fear
Another reason my buddy was able to approach one
woman after another and never go home alone was
because he got over his fear of women.
He wasn’t afraid of anything bad happening and if
something did, he didn’t let it stop him from trying again.
So many of us are filled with so much fear that it
stops us from enjoying the life we really want. It stops us
from getting out of our comfort zone and doing the
things we really want to do.
Bad boys are fearless.
They will put themselves out there and whatever
happens from taking that risk, they’ll take it like a man.
Women spot your fear from a mile away and can
sense if you’re afraid of getting out of your comfort zone.
She can sense if you’re afraid of her or afraid to be
comfortable around her.
Bad boys aren’t afraid to talk to her, get her phone
number, ask her out, touch her, kiss her, etc.
The fear simply doesn’t exist!
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Do you know why?
Because experience helps eliminate fear.
Experience teaches you that most of the things
you’re afraid of aren’t going to cause harm like you
Some of us are afraid to talk to beautiful woman
because we imagine she’s not going to like us, she’ll get
loud, draw attention, throw a drink in our face, and
everyone will look, point, and laugh. We allow the stuff
we see in the movies to paint a picture in our mind of
what is and isn’t real!
Experience teaches that 99.9999% of women would
NEVER do something like this to you when you’re being
cool and just starting a friendly conversation.
Most of our fear isn’t real…
We know gravity will kill us so we stay away from
cliffs because that’s a justified fear. We can die!
BUT being afraid of women is an irrational fear. Most
of the stuff we imagine happening will probably NEVER
happen… ever.
So get out there and prove your fears wrong. Prove
to yourself you have nothing to be afraid of.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Nice guys are full of fear, anxiety, nervousness, and
self-doubt when they approach or talk to women they’ve
never met.
Bad boys take their chances and really don’t care
about fear or any of the other stuff nice guys experience.
Whatever you have to do to get over your fear of
women, do it.
If you have to approach 10 women a night and get
rejected 9 or 10 times do it.
You know why?
Because every time you talk to a woman and make
that approach that rattles you down to your soul, you’re
learning and overcoming that fear, self-doubt, anxiety,
and nervousness a little at a time.
Eventually, once you have enough experience, you’ll
notice that the fear and everything else will be gone and
the only thing that will remain is confidence, self-belief,
and maybe a butterfly or two in your stomach.
It’s sad that when many people get old, they sit
around and wish they had overcome their fears sooner,
enjoyed life more, and experienced the things that fear
kept them from experiencing.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“The oldest and strongest
emotion of mankind is fear, and
the oldest and strongest kind of
fear is fear of the unknown.”
H.P. Lovecraft
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Always do what you’re afraid
to do.” Ralph Waldo
“Thinking will not overcome
fear but action will.” W.
Clement Stone

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
The Bad
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Have you ever seen guys who try so hard to be cool
that it just comes off as looking really weird and fake?
Too many guys want to be cool to impress women
but they have no clue what “being cool” really is.
Who’s cooler? Matthew McConaughey or “The Rock”
Dwayne Johnson? I don’t know… they’re both pretty cool
guys in similar YET different ways.
Being cool is the centerpiece of being a bad boy and
having the “bad boy mindset”.
Women love “cool”. They love being around guys
who are just chill, laid back, don’t get too bent of shape
over anything, and they have a way of making others feel
more confident and relaxed around them.
Bad boys are effortlessly cool. They don’t have to try
hard or pay attention to everything they do and say so
they’ll look cool.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Cool” is just the way they are. It’s a way of carrying
yourself. A way of feeling.
Be easygoing/laidback – ALWAYS be relaxed no
matter what’s happening inside your mind or around
Never seek approval from anyone – you don’t need
everyone to like you or agree with you.
Never care what people think – people’s opinions of
you are not going to hurt you and shouldn’t affect
Not “trying” to look cool – if you have to “try” to be
cool, then you’re probably not getting what “cool” is.
Focus on peace of mind – have your life together:
job, finances, hobbies, and relationships and have it
together mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Be “cool” with everyone – don’t give attitude or act
like you’re better. Treat everyone as an equal – not
above you or below you.
Be funny – cool guys can make people laugh. If
you’re funny, great. If you’re not, don’t go out of
your way to be a clown or comedian.
Don’t be a downer – negative guys kill attraction
and it’s a quick way to kill her “mood”.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Good hygiene – you can try to be the cool guy all
you want but if you’re a disgusting and you don’t use
deodorant, shower, brush your teeth, keep up with
your personal appearance, and you have other
disgusting habits, then you’re not THAT cool.
Confidence but not arrogance – arrogance is taking
confidence too far and not knowing when to keep
your mouth shut. Confidence is believing in yourself,
talking less, listening more, and carrying yourself
with respect. Learn the fine line.
Be genuine, honest, and authentic – don’t be full of
shit with everyone, be direct with everyone when
necessary, and don’t act like someone you’re not.
Don’t think you’re smarter than others – the guy
who thinks he knows it all always the least popular
of the bunch.
Helping out when needed – don’t be a selfish
bastard. If you have the chance to be a cool dude
and offer some help, do it. It’s not cool to be a
dickhead who is too good for others and not aware
that other people actually exist in this world.
Be a positive influence – if you’re not positive and
helping others become better, then you’re not being
a cool guy.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I’m not the kind of person
who tries to be cool or trendy,
I’m definitely an individual.”
Leonardo DiCaprio
“Nothing gives one person so
much advantage over another
as to remain always cool and
unruffled under all
circumstances.” Thomas

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#44 Have a Life
If you still live at home with your mommy and she
cooks your food, makes your bed, pays your bills, and
cleans up after you, you’re not a bad boy and I don’t
believe you actually have a life.
The ONLY exception is if you’re handicapped to the
point where you can’t do a lot of stuff or you’re 17 and
Anything else – there’s no excuses.
You can’t be a bad ass while still living at home with
your mom and driving her car.
Bad boys have a life. They have their shit handled.
Women want men with a life.
Women want men who have their act together and
If you don’t feel you have a life yet, start figuring out
which direction you want to move in and START
MOVING. You don’t have to know exactly where you’re
going or where you’ll end up in life – just move. Become
busy pushing yourself towards your goals and ignore
everything else that won’t get you where you want to be.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#45 Be Ballsy
Racecar drivers, surfers, skydivers, cliff jumpers, Xgames
motocross bikers, motorcycle racers, white water
rafters, wing suit skydivers – these guys are risky, ballsy,
and nuts.
But they’re also badass bad boys – every single one
of them. They’re not afraid to be “ballsy”, take risks and
put things on the line. They take risks with women, in
their career, and in life.
Bad boys are notorious for being ballsy risk takers
and women are known to be attracted to ballsy men, risk
takers, and adrenaline junkies.
They see these guys as a lot braver and A LOT LESS
BORING than average guys.
Don’t go hanging off the side of a building while only
holding on with one hand to impress some girl – that’s
not what I’m talking about. Don’t be stupid ballsy.
Be ballsy by approaching women, speaking your
mind, setting big goals, making career moves, and doing
the things that other guys are afraid to do.
If it’s worth the risk, then be a man and take it.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#46 Know How
to Have Fun
What’s the number one thing women say when
they’re asked what they’re looking for in a man?
Women like guys who know how to have fun!
Do you think they’d be crazy over bad boys if they
were boring? Of course not!
It’s perfectly possible to have fun in almost any
situation, excluding funerals, even if you’re the only one
enjoying yourself.
Bad boys aren’t always the serious, straight-faced,
and uptight guys that movies try to portray. Some like
extreme sports that would scare the living shit out of a
not-so-crazy guy, some like going to the gym (for fun),
and others like riding around all day on their motorcycle.
Spend time doing awesome things that you find fun
and bring women along for the ride.
Most women are tired of a boring dinner and movie.
Find something better than that. Have fun with her.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“When you have confidence,
you can have a lot of fun. And
when you have fun, you can do
amazing things.” Joe
“People rarely succeed unless
they have fun in what they’re
doing.” Dale Carnegie
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“My philosophy is: If you can’t
have fun, there’s no sense in
doing it.” Paul Walker

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#47 Your Own
Dreams, Plans,
& Goals
What makes a lot of bad boys so badass is they are
visionaries and they put in a lot of time and effort making
their dreams become reality.
Nothing will make you seem dull or boring more
than if you don’t have some dreams, goals, plans, and
visions of what and who you want to become eventually
bouncing around in your head.
You should wake up every morning striving to be
great and not just another waste of space on this earth.
You should be a man who has plans to be a bad ass
and he’s working his ass off as much as he can to make
his dreams come to pass.
If your dream is to get a girlfriend, then do it.
BUT after you get your girlfriend, move on to
something even BIGGER because a girlfriend shouldn’t be
the highest point in your life you can reach as a man.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
One of my all-time favorite movies is called
“Limitless”. The main character takes a pill that allows
him to access 100% of his brain instead of just 10% of it –
as what is commonly believed. From the second he takes
it, he starts doing more with his life – finishing projects,
reaching goals, organizing his life, and making BIG plans.
After reaching his smaller goals, like finishing a book,
making more money, and learning a new language, he
has an epiphany and realizes that there’s something
MUCH BIGGER that he needs to do and it’s going to
require a lot of work. So he starts working his ass of and
during whole movie, he’s moving towards his “vision” of
what he wants and NEEDS to do with his life. His
girlfriend, who dumped him at the beginning of the
movie, sees the “new” him and instantly wants to be
back with him.
I think not.
Women find it irresistible when you have plans,
goals, dreams, and visions of a better life and you’re
working towards making all of it a reality.
This makes them feel “pulled” to be with you and
causes them to see you in a totally different light.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#48 Your Own
Don’t dress a certain way because your friends do,
you think women will like it, or it’ll make you look cooler.
Dress how YOU want (but within societal norms if
you want to keep attracting women).
If you want to improve your style, read GQ
Magazine, Details, Esquire, and Valet Magazine for style
tips, men’s fashion, and grooming and do your research
so you look like you know what you’re doing.
Women DO like well-dressed men, BUT your clothes
don’t have as big of an effect on women’s attraction
towards you as your behavior. You may be dressed like
James Bond but if you’re dumb as hell and have terrible
body language, then your clothes won’t really matter will
Bad boys have their own style and they’re not trying
to keep up with the guy who they think is “cooler” than
them. They know the way they dress is unique to them
and their style complements their personality. They don’t
underdo it and they don’t overdo it.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Be daring, be different, be
impractical, be anything that
will assert integrity of purpose
and imaginative vision against
the play-it-safers, the creatures
of the commonplace, the slaves
of the ordinary.” Cecil

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#49 One Man
Wolf Pack
Bad boys don’t travel in big groups of men.
You don’t see them at the club standing on the wall
with 25 other guys.
You don’t see them on “guys only” trips to watch
Maroon 5 perform.
Bad boys are natural loners.
Yes they have friends but they don’t need friends
around to do whatever it is they do.
They’re happier than the average person spending
time alone and having time to themselves.
“Nice guys” need “wingmen” to go out with them to
bar to “pick up chicks”.
Bad boys show up to the bar, order a beer, sit by
themselves, look around the room, notice women
looking at them, and then they go and talk to a woman
they’re interested in.
No friends required.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Yes, I guess you could say I am
a loner, but I feel more lonely in
a crowded room with boring
people than I feel on my own.”
Henry Rollins
“Maybe ‘loner’ is too strong a
word, but I’ve always enjoyed
being on my own.” George

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#50 Sexually
When women like to see if a guy is what they’re
looking for, they’ll bring up the topic of sex out of
nowhere to see if he freezes, spits out his beer, starts
stuttering, or if he handles it like a champ.
Bad boys never get thrown off track by the topic of
If a woman makes a move on a “nice guy”, he gets all
nervous, weird, giggly, and screws it all up.
If she makes a move on a bad boy, he handles it with
confidence and more grace and smoothness than she
imagined he would.
When you’re sexually relaxed and comfortable with
yourself, women, and the whole idea of sex, women will
be sexually relaxed with you as well.
If you get weird and nervous when “sex” comes up,
you’ll make her feel weird, awkward, and nervous as
Handle it like a champ, and she’ll “reward” you for it.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#51 Not a
Single F___ Given
Stop caring about people’s opinion of you or what
they say when you’re not around.
As long as you know you’re a good person, you’re
doing what’s right, and you’re staying true to your
beliefs, values, and principles, then your opinion of
yourself should be the only thing that matters.
Too many of us get ready in the morning wondering
how others are going to perceive our outfit or our new
haircut. We stay up at night letting what someone said
affect us to the point that we can’t sleep.
Things like Facebook are making it even worse
because we rate ourselves and how much people like us
by how many “likes” we get in return for something we
shared, said, or a new photo of ourselves. Get rid of that
mode of thinking.
Stop sharing stuff on Facebook just to get likes.
Stop trying to “out comment” other people just to
get likes.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Stop trying to take cool or sexy photos just to get
likes and validate your self-image or self-esteem.
Give that stuff up.
Bad boys ignore the opinions of others and they
certainly don’t spend hours on Facebook trying to prove
their worth or character to people that really don’t care
about them. They live life on their terms, dress how they
want, act how they want, say what they want, and as
long as they’re doing what makes them happy, they
don’t give a shit what anyone thinks – especially women.
The reason we pay so much attention to what
women and other people think is because we want to
have the maximum probability of everyone around us
liking us and thinking we’re a great person.
As you’ve already learned, it’s impossible for
everyone to like you no matter how hard you try.
The more effort you put into getting everyone to like
you, the more it’ll backfire and they won’t like you at all.
It’s annoying to women and everyone else when it’s
blatantly obvious that you care way too much what
people think.
Do what makes YOU happy and nothing else.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Life is more fun when you stop
caring what other people
think.” Blake Mycoskie
“There are thousands and
thousands of people out there
living lives of quiet desperation
who work long, hard hours, at
jobs they hate, to enable them
to buy things they don’t need to
impress people they don’t like.”
Nigel Marsh
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#52 Indifference
According to the dictionary, when you’re indifferent,
it means you have no particular interest or sympathy and
you’re unconcerned.
Women love bad boys because they are indifferent
about almost everything.
They simply don’t care.
When most people are impressed, bad boys are
When most people are scared, bad boys are
When most people are mad, bad boys are
When most people are excited, bad boys are
Become indifferent in your personal life and
everything that happens. Indifference communicates
you’re relaxed and simply don’t care.
Quit getting overly excited, worried, scared, mad,
impressed, etc. Just be indifferent about whatever it is
and women will find it extremely attractive.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“The difference that makes the
difference is indifference.”
Brent Smith
“Many a secret that cannot be
pried out by curiosity can be
drawn out by indifference.”
Sydney J. Harris
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
like a Bad
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#53 Learn
A bad boy understands attraction like the back of his
hand – even if he can’t explain it.
He understands what actually works with women,
and what doesn’t.
He understands whipping out money or trying to
impress her by bragging isn’t going to really impress
He understands that simply telling her he likes her
isn’t going to make her like him back.
He understands that buying her gifts and flowers
isn’t going to make her want to date him.
He understands that simply buying a woman drink
after drink isn’t going to make her feel attraction for
David Deangelo teaches, “Attraction Isn’t A Choice”.
Women can’t make themselves feel attraction for
you and you yourself can’t “make” women feel attraction
for you.
Attraction isn’t something that is forced.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
It’s something like a seed that you plant inside of her
(no pun intended) and you grow that seed through
displaying attractive behaviors and traits.
When you plant that little seed of attraction inside of
her and it begins to grow, the better you are at attraction
and the more you understand it, the more you will water
that seed and the faster it will grow until every part of
her mind and body is attracted to you and there’s
nothing she can do about it.
That’s right… there’s nothing SHE can do about it.
She can’t MAKE herself stop feeling attraction for you
and even her family, friends, and co-workers can’t talk
her out of feeling attraction for you. Once that seed is
planted and it begins growing, only YOU can control how
much attraction she feels for you from that point on. The
more you water it, the more it’ll grow.
But once you think you have her forever and you
stop watering that seed, it WILL die and she’ll
unconsciously and unwillingly stop feeling attraction for
These attractive traits you’re learning are your water
and you water that “attraction seed” by making these
traits part of your natural and unconscious behavior.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#54 Learn To Be
Fun & Exciting
Things that make you boring to women:
Asking for permission
Being predictable
Staying in your “bubble” and being a wussy boy
Never trying new things
Being too nice, friendly, and gentle
Whining, bitching, and complaining
Playing video games or watching too much TV
Trying to be her hero
No goals, projects, visions, aspirations
Afraid of sex
Women hate boring guys.
When you’re boring, you might as well take a switch
cover, install it over her “attraction switch”, and then put
a padlock on it because you’ll never flip it on by being a
boring guy.
Learn what women find boring and learn what
makes women see you as fun and exciting. You’ll have
10X more “luck” being the fun guy than the boring guy.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Things that make you fun and exciting:
Going for it, being ballsy, and taking chances
Being unpredictable
Getting out of your comfort zone and being
Always up to try new things
Being rough, honest, and not overly nice
Being a man and not complaining
Getting outside the house and having a life
Being a good friend and letting her handle her own
Having goals, aspirations, visions, projects, and
always outdoing yourself by doing bigger and better
things with yourself and your life
Being comfortable with sex
If women find you fun and exciting, you’re golden.
If you have to, ask women what they find fun and
exciting and take mental notes. They’ll tell you almost
anything to help you out if you’re willing to ask. But
sometimes they’ll tell you “fairy tale” stuff that’s not in
touch with reality with how their brains actually work so
use your brain with the answers you get. If it sounds way
too good to be true, it might be.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#55 Learn
Attractive Body
Your body language can totally screw up anything
coming out of your mouth. You can be talking about how
awesome you are and your body language can be telling
her that you’re lame, afraid, and boring.
When your behavior, personality, words, and body
language “line up” or are in sync, she will get the
message loud and clear and feel instant attraction.
I honestly believe attraction is 10% verbal and 90%
non-verbal. It doesn’t matter what you’re telling her,
your body language will tell her what she needs to know.
You can be deaf and mute but if you have the body
language down, women will feel insane amounts of
attraction for you.
As we’ve learned already, whatever is happening in
your mind will manifest itself in your behavior, body, and
even your eyes.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Attractive “bad boy” body language:
Take up space when sitting – with your legs and
arms. Don’t sit all closed up and looking scared.
Lean back a little – this shows you’re confident and
Stand up straight with good posture – don’t slouch
or look lazy. Look how Daniel Craig stands.
Don’t cross your arms when talking to her – it’ll
make you look nervous, intimidated, or afraid of her.
Don’t tilt your head backwards or down –
backwards makes you look cocky and stuck up and
down makes you look shy or inferior. Look straight at
Stand with your feet a little wider apart than
normal – so you look more confident and powerful.
Plant your feet into the ground.
Keep your hands out of your pockets – it’s natural
to put our hands in our pockets when we get
nervous or we’re not completely relaxed. Keep your
hands at your side and touch your pointer fingers to
your thumbs softly.
Be still – the more you fidget, the less calm, cool,
and collected you’ll appear. Be comfortable.
Don’t touch your face or play with your hands
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Don’t look down if you get nervous
Make strong eye contact – it shows that you’re
confident, not afraid of her, and she’s not “out of
your league”
Walk as if you don’t give a damn
Don’t make fast movements – moving slower makes
you appear calm, cool, collected and confident. This
includes hand gestures, looking the other way,
walking, and even talking. Do it slowly and calmly.

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
You see it?
Do you see the way these bad boys sit, stand, and
appear to be extremely confident?
Relax, lean back, and be confident.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#56 The Bad Boy
Bad boys have a look and I don’t mean a certain way
of dressing.
They walk around with a look on their face that just
communicates they’re a bad boy
They have all the body language traits you just
learned and even their voice tone and how slow they talk
tells you they’re a bad boy.
They have a seriousness to them that lets you know
they’re not here to play games or put up with any silly
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Do these men look their guys who are “too nice”?
Do these men look like they’re scared of women?
Do these men look like someone’s going to walk up,
mess with them, and get away with it?
Do these men look like they seek approval from
women or care what people think?
These men have the “bad boy” look that women
crave. Study, learn, and implement what you notice.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#57 Ace
Women unconsciously will test you and “poke” at
you to see if you’re the man worthy of being “next level”
material such as a boyfriend. She wants to see if you can
remain cool and in control of yourself or if you’re going
to lose your mind and get bent out of shape over
something little. If you fail her “attraction test”, she’ll
lose attraction and know you’re not for her. If you pass,
it’ll increase or even multiply the attraction she’s feeling.
Women will test you by:
Teasing you
Bringing up sex unexpectedly
Talking about other men to see how you react
Acting bitchy or bratty to see what you’ll do
Seeing how much they can “use” you
Telling you “no” to see what you’ll do
Disappearing without notice for a day or two to see
if you freak out or not
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
When you encounter these “attraction tests”, the
most important thing you can do is remain calm and
Don’t get upset, emotional, or angry because that’ll
prove to her that she can do better and find someone
Bad boys practically laugh at “attraction tests” and
you should too.
Not taking it seriously communicates you’re calm,
cool, collected, and you’re not going to get bent out of
shape over her behavior.
If she’s teasing you, laugh and tease her back.
If she brings up sex, freely talk about it.
If she talks about other men, don’t let it affect you.
Just be a good listener and don’t get jealous.
If she acts bitchy or bratty, laugh at her and tell her
you’ll wait until she’s done with her temper tantrum.
If she sees how much she can use you, let her know
she’s not going to take advantage of you.
If she tells you “no” about something, be totally
unaffected by it.
If she vanishes and doesn’t call or text for a few
days, just be cool, patient, and unaffected.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#58 “Nice Guys”
Miss the Hints
Women give you hints and clues when they’re
attracted to you and if you’re not experienced with
women, you’ll miss these hints and she’ll start losing that
Bad boys see the hints from a mile away and they
“know” when women are attracted to them even when
women aren’t showing it very much.
They pick up on the small hints and clues that nice
guys overlook and miss.
Hints and clues that she likes you:
She perks up when you come around
She likes talking to you and smiles a lot
She has open body language – she doesn’t fold her
arms or turn her body away from you
She touches you
She tries convincing you that she’s a “catch”
She compliments you a lot
She asks personal questions
She talks to you affectionately
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#59 Leave Her
Wanting More
Nice guys don’t know when to call it quits.
They like to drain the life out of every conversation,
date, and phone call.
Bad boys know that if they let anything go for too
long, there’s a chance that things will get boring and the
attraction will fade.
That’s why you should always end the conversation,
date, or call first.
Don’t have the “I don’t want this to end” mindset.
Cut it off and pick up on it at a later time.
Because when you end the conversation, date, or
call first, preferably on a very high note, that’s what she’s
going to remember when she thinks about your last
encounter and she’s going to want more.
If you end it when it gets boring, the last thing she’ll
remember that you were “boring” or just “ok”
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#60 Stay On
Her Mind
Ending things first and on a positive note keeps you
on her mind.
Bad boys understand this 100%.
They know she’s going to be thinking about them,
wondering about them, and wanting to see them again.
Bad boys know how to build anticipation and when
you build anticipation, you multiply the attraction she’s
feeling for you and she won’t be able to wait to see you
You will literally be on her mind until the next time
you see her – that’s if you don’t call and text like crazy.
You have to give her time and space away from you
because “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.
End the conversation first
End it on positive note when she’s having fun
Don’t call or text too much
See her again and repeat the process
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Most of us like to ride through the fun until things
get a little boring but that’s the problem – what goes up
also comes down.
Women tend to remember the end of the date the
most. Not the beginning or middle.
If she’s having a great time and you end the date or
call when she’s having the most fun with you, then that’s
what she’ll think about and remember the most – you
being fun.
If things get boring, SHE’S more likely to end the
date first because she’s getting bored, and that’s what
she’ll likely remember – being bored.
Bad boys like to end things first and just get up and
leave at the least expected times which leaves women
wanting more.
End things when they’re fun and women will always
anticipate seeing you again because you’re fun,
unpredictable, and you don’t “overdo” the date.
No matter what it is, a phone call, texting
conversation, or a date, end it on a high note.
Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and
cause you to sabotage a good thing.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Have Bad
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#61 Killer
I’ve read that “there’s no such thing as ‘confidence’;
there is only confident behavior that results from
confident thinking.”
Bad boys are confident because they are full of
confident thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors – they’re not
just “confident”.
Confidence is communicated through your body
language, eye contact, words, and your actions.
The bad boy look and body language displays more
confidence than you can imagine and it tells women
more about you than you can express in words.
In order to look confident, you must first believe
you’re confident. You have to feel confident on the inside
before it ever manifests itself on the outside.
Also, believing in your abilities and your ability to
reach your goals, finish projects, and see your dreams
come to be a reality will do more to boost your
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
confidence than getting your teeth whitened, getting an
awesome haircut, a Ferrari, a yacht, or being rich.
Those things do help with confidence a little bit, but
they don’t fill any voids within your mind that are filled
with self-doubt instead of confidence.
When you’re lacking confidence in areas of your life
and your mind, it will show up in your behavior,
reactions, and responses to women and the world
around you.
The only way to fill those voids are through
experience and education.
Not only should you educate yourself and learn as
much as you can in the areas you’re lacking, but also get
out there and get experience in that area.
If you’re lacking confidence in approaching women,
learn from the masters of approaching women, and then
get out there and practice what you learn.
The more you learn, the more confident you’ll
Never be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone,
embarrass yourself, and mess up because the lessons
you learn from mistakes will give you lasting confidence.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“All you need in this life is
ignorance and confidence, and
then success is sure.” Mark
“Inaction breeds doubt and
fear. Action breeds confidence
and courage. If you want to
conquer that fear, do not sit at
home and think about it. Go out
and get busy.” Dale
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#62 Keep It to
Nice guys like to share their “feelings” and always
need to vent to someone about something. If something
happens, they have to share every detail about it, what
they think it means, what they’re going to do, and they
want to know what the other person thinks about it.
Bad boys usually NEVER say exactly what’s on their
mind, what’s bothering them, or what they’re planning.
They keep that stuff tucked away. They’ll say as much as
they have to without saying too much.
It’s just the way they naturally think and operate.
They don’t see why what’s happening in their mind is
anyone’s business.
Women don’t have to worry about a bad boy
unloading his brain onto them because he barely says
enough as it is and women see this as challenging AND
mysterious – something they love. Learn to start keeping
your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to yourself and
only say as much as you have to.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#63 Humble
There’s a fine line when it comes to cockiness. A
peacock’s feathers can attract a mate but it can also get
them killed if they’re not careful.
When you’re cocky, you’re showing your confidence
and your feathers. But if you’re not careful when being
cocky, you can kill the attraction faster than if you were
to just be a little shy.
Bad boys are cocky but they seem to know when to
dial it up and tone it down. Being too cocky can make
you look insecure and like you’re overstating your
confidence to cover up a void in your personality. So if
you’re going to be cocky, be humble about it.
How can you be cocky and humble at the same time?
It’s ok to look cocky, but don’t act like it when you
open your mouth. It’s extremely attractive to women
when you look a little stuck up but you’re a really humble
and down to earth guy after they start talking to you.
There’s something about it that they find “sexy”.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#64 Humble
Bad boys also have a way of carrying themselves that
communicates superiority.
While there’s nothing wrong with this, acting too
superior can make you seem like you have self-esteem
issues and you’re trying to cover them up.
If you’re body language communicates that you’re
superior and not inferior, then you want to be a humble
person when to talk to others.
Your superior body language will show that you’re
confident, a leader, and not afraid and your personality
will show that you don’t think you’re better than others
and you’re actually a pretty cool dude.
Women want you carry yourself well and even don’t
mind if you’re a little cocky, but they don’t want you to
act too superior or better than others.
That’s when they start having second thoughts
about you.
So if you believe you’re superior, be humble about it.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#65 No
Do whatever you can to rid yourself of your
insecurities so they don’t surface in the middle of an
interaction with a woman you like and ruin everything
for you.
If you’re insecure about your height, weight, or
anything else and you think woman really care about it,
you’re just going to have to get over it.
Most of our insecurities are based on irrational
thoughts that really don’t matter to women.
We think women won’t like us because we’re short
but tons of women date shorter guys because these guys
have awesome personalities.
We think women won’t like us because we’re not in
great shape and the same idea still applies – personality
overrides anything you think you have wrong with you.
Make the best of what you have and keep a positive
mindset because women overlook all of our quirks and
not so perfect features when we’re confident and happy.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Any fool knows that bravado is
always a cover-up for
insecurity. That’s the truth.”
Bobby Darin
“The psychic task which a
person can and must set for
himself is not to feel secure, but
to be able to tolerate
insecurity.” Erich Fromm
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#66 Talk Less
We often make the mistake of trying to
communicate confidence by talking a lot and telling
women how confident, amazing, and awesome we are.
But a lot of the time, our silence can communicate more
than words ever can.
When you keep your mouth shut in certain
situations it will say more about you than if you think of
the cleverest thing to say and sometimes the best
response is no response whatsoever.
Bad boys understand there is power in their silence.
In fact, bad boys are experts at not saying anything.
When you do most of the talking and don’t let her
get anything in, instead of her feeling lucky that she’s
with an awesome guy like you, she’s going to think
“when is this dude going to shut up?”
Conversations should be balanced 50/50 and when
you do most of the listening and you don’t talk as much,
she’ll fell special and important even though she’s doing
the work. Women LOVE when you just listen. Talking less
communicates power. “The men who talk the most know
the least and those who talk the least know the most.”
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“If you are the greatest, why
would you go around talking
about it?” Joe Rogan
“The focus should not be on
talking. Talk is cheap. It must
be on action.” Howard
“It is greed to do all the talking
but not want to listen at all.”
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Talking much about oneself
can also be a means to conceal
oneself.” Friedrich
“As great minds have the
faculty of saying a great deal in
a few words, so lesser minds
have a talent of talking much,
and saying nothing.”
Francois da La
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#67 High-Status
High-status doesn’t mean that you’re rich or better
than others. It doesn’t mean that you have more
expensive clothes, a better car, or a bigger house. It
doesn’t mean that act superior to others.
When you’re high-status you give off silent social
cues that tell women and other men you’re a high status
How to communicate high-status:
Take up space
Be relaxed and still
Have great body language
Control your emotions
Be indifferent
Be well dressed
Be respectful
Speak confidently and calmly
Be unafraid
Be mature
Be intelligent
Don’t be too impressed or seek approval
Don’t brag or be too personal
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
How low-status men communicate:
Afraid to take up space or get in anyone’s way.
Fidgety, nervous, awkward, and can’t sit still
Poor body language such as slouching, leaning in,
and poor eye contact
Not in control of emotions and getting bent out of
shape quickly
Reacting to everything around them instead of
chilling out and not caring
Poorly dressed, showing no sense of self-worth or
Disrespectful and lacking manners
Speaking nervously, too fast, and too much
Afraid of their environment and women
Acting immature and childish
Not thinking before talking and acting and making
unintelligent decisions
Easily impressed, gullible, and seeking approval
Bragging, being too personal, and trying to get
others to like them
High status starts in your mind. When you carry
yourself according to your beliefs, it communicates you
have self-respect, you’re self-aware, and you’re a man of
value, principles, and you’re high status.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#68 Smart,
The tale that women love dumb guys if they’re super
good looking isn’t true.
We’re all dumb to a certain point, given that dumb
means we’re lacking knowledge and experience in
certain areas.
What I mean by “dumb guys” is the guys who have
no experience, know nothing about life, people, and how
they work, absolutely don’t care about learning more to
expand their mind, and are perfectly fine with their high
level of ignorance and lack of knowledge in many areas.
Women might want to sleep with a dumb guy, but
he won’t ever be boyfriend material and he won’t keep
her around for long.
If you want to attract woman who are smart,
intelligent, AND beautiful, you have to work on yourself.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Educate yourself and get an education on EVERYTHING
you’re interested in and want to know.
Back in the old days, to educate yourself and learn
more in any given area, you either had to know someone
who was wicked smart and willing to share or you had to
be fortunate enough to attend a school that provided a
good education.
But now, with the invention of the internet, you can
access knowledge and wisdom within seconds! Spending
an hour a day reading and learning from very smart
people will transform the way your brain works, how you
see the world, and how everyone perceives you.
Also, you can seek and hang out with smart people
who are doing what you want to do and who are where
you want to be. Since you’re a product of your
environment, your brain naturally soaks up wisdom
when you’re around it but unfortunately soaks up
ignorance as well. So be careful who you’re around.
You can also show women you’re smart and
intelligent by thinking before you say or do anything.
Don’t just do or say the first thing that comes to mind.
That communicates ignorance.
Intelligence is sexy to women and it’ll never change.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I know I am intelligent,
because I know that I know
nothing.” Socrates
“A man must be big enough to
admit his mistakes, smart
enough to profit from them,
and strong enough to correct
them.” John C. Maxwell
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“A smart man makes a mistake,
learns from it, and never makes
that mistake again. But a wise
man finds a smart man and
learns from him how to avoid
the mistake altogether.” Roy
H. Williams
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#69 Unaffected
By “No”
The word “no” has a lot of power over the weak
minded and those who are desperate for approval from
Become unaffected by “no”.
When a woman says “no”, don’t get butt hurt, cry
about it, and tell her how unfair she’s being.
Show her you’re a real man by shrugging your
shoulders and saying, “ok” in a non-caring manner.
Women are quick to change their mind when they
realize that “no” has absolutely no power over you, you
simply don’t care, and you’re indifferent to it.
How you respond to “no” communicates what kind
of person you are deep down without you having to open
your mouth and tell her what kind of person you are.
It communicates if you’re impatient, immature, and
out of control of your emotions or if you have your act
together and you handle it maturely and with grace. The
better you handle it, the more attraction she’ll feel.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#70 Your Own
Reality is the same for each and every one of us. We
all need food and water to survive, money to buy
resources, a sperm and egg to reproduce, etc. We are all
bound by the same rules of life and survival – so that
definition of reality is a set thing and we can’t change
BUT you CAN change your perspective of reality.
Life can be great or horrible based on how we see it
and our perspective of the information that we’re taking
in from all around us.
Our mindset is our filter for the information we’re
taking in and when it runs through our filter in our mind,
that experience or incoming information can be
perceived as positive or negative, fun or boring, happy or
sad, a disaster or a success.
Bad boys create their own reality by filtering
everything they see, hear, and experience and they
choose how they’re going to react and respond to that
incoming information. While nice guys see rejection as
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
women not liking them, bad boys see rejection as an
opportunity to learn how to approach women better.
Your reality of your dating life with women is based
on your filter and your perspective. If every “failure” is an
opportunity to learn how to get better with women, then
you’re going to have more success and understand more
about women than “nice guys” who view failure as a
permanent flaw in themselves that can’t be fixed.
For a long time I was upset that I had to move
hundreds of miles away from home and my family to
take a job that I absolutely needed. At first, I was
negative, complained, and whined about how far away I
was, how much money it took to go home and visit, and
how I didn’t know anyone. That was my perspective of
my reality. But over time, I changed my mindset and my
reality. Instead of focusing on the negative, I focused on
the positive: I now made more money than I could’ve
made at home and I now had more options, I had more
fishing spots now than I could imagine, I made new
friends who taught me new things, and I got to
experience awesome things that I never would have
been able to had I not made the move.
If you change your mindset, you change your reality.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Since we cannot change
reality, let us change the eyes
which see reality.” Nikos
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#71 Don’t
When our perspective and mindset of reality is stuck
and we honestly believe we are just going to remain the
same guy forever, we start looking at other men and
comparing ourselves to see where they’re better than us
and how we’ll never be as lucky as them.
Maybe they’re born with better genetics, they come
from a family that doesn’t struggle with money, they’re
better at sports, have a better job, they’re voice is
deeper, or they even have a better name.
Just because we’re different doesn’t necessarily
make them better.
If you’re not happy with the man you are, instead of
comparing yourself to other men who you think are
better, start working on yourself. Buy better clothes,
work out, eat better, and educate yourself to get better
with women. Focus on constant self-improvement and
strive to become better every day until you’re the man
you dream of being. You’re not stuck being the same guy.
It’s possible to become the man you want women to see.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#72 Don’t
Reward Ass
Bad boys don’t like having their ass kissed by women
or anyone else.
The first time a woman starts kissing his ass, he’ll say
something along the lines of, “hey cut the bullshit. Let’s
not play games with each other. I don’t like that.”
This mindset cuts straight through everything she’s
used to “nice guys” doing and punches her attraction
button so hard she automatically feels attraction for him.
It’s not being rude or disrespectful.
It’s saying, “don’t treat me like I’m an idiot. I’m a
smart man who’s been there, done that, went back for
more, and I know exactly what you’re doing or up to.”
This encourages women to be more upfront, direct,
and honest about their intentions and it communicates
you’re a hard to impress guy and not as easy as she
believes you are. This multiplies attraction.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#73 Women
Aren’t a Priority
“Nice guys” have a habit of making women or the
idea of getting women the number one priority in their
mind 24 hours a day. The more they “fail” with women,
the bigger of an obsession it becomes.
Realistically, the guys and bad boys who consistently
get all the women don’t make women a big deal in their
mind in the first place. Yes they love women and enjoy
having them around, but they don’t make “getting
women” the main subject of their focus. This allows them
to relax and be cool when they ARE around women.
Do not base your happiness and sense of value on
how many women you can “get”. You’ll never be truly
happy if your life revolves around just this one facet of
Pickup Artists, for example, spend countless hours at
bars and clubs hitting on one woman after another and it
rarely makes them truly happy because most of them
aren’t in it to find a real connection but rather just use
women for sex.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
After meeting tons of women and not establishing
any real connections or friendships, many wind up
depressed and suicidal. Just read The Game by Neil
Strauss. If picking up women is everything and there’s
nothing “deeper” within them that they can bring to the
table, then that kind of makes them feel like a “loser” in
the end. At least that’s what I’ve seen and learned from
Spending too much time obsessing over and focusing
on something causes you to pay “wanting it tax” –
because you drive away the thing you want by wanting it
too badly.
Making women the most important thing in your life
manifests itself in your voice tone, body language, and
behavior. It causes you to exhibit a neediness and
clinginess that bad boys don’t naturally have. When you
just don’t care as much, women find it more attractive.
James Bond, for example, gets beautiful women all
the time. But do you hear him talking about it and
obsessing over getting the next woman? Of course not!
He’s focused on his mission, following leads, bringing
down the bad guy, or stopping the world from being
destroyed. Women aren’t his highest priority.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#74 Be Still
Nice guys are full of anxiety, nervousness, and
they’re so timid around women that they just can’t be
When you’re still and you don’t move much, it
communicates to women that you’re totally relaxed,
comfortable in your own skin, and you’re not really
worried about impressing anyone. It’s also intimidating…
and women like intimidating men.
Moving too much causes everyone around you to
feel the same anxiety and nervousness that you’re
feeling. The energy you put out is contagious.
When you’re calm, relaxed, cool, confident, and
composed, women will feel the same way and that’s how
they actually want to feel around you. They have a hard
enough time already relaxing around guys because
they’re so used to things getting weird and disappointing.
Show her you’re the guy she’s been looking for by being
calm, relaxed, and still.
Sit and stand still, don’t move your arms too much,
don’t twitch your face, or anything weird. Just be cool.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#75 Strong Eye
When you’re afraid to look women in their eyes,
they know something is up or “off” about you.
Once again, everything that is happening in your
mind is manifesting itself on the outside, including your
ability to look women deeply in their eyes. Eyes are the
windows to the soul and you can learn a lot about
someone just by looking them in their eyes.
Women are used to men not being able to hold eye
contact for very long and wimping out. But when you
show up and look her in her eyes with no fear, hesitation,
or anxiety, she’s going to know you’re different. She’s
going to know you’re a man who’s confident, unafraid,
and experienced with women. This sparks immediate
attraction and she’s going to instantly separate you from
the “nice guy” herd and categorize you as a man who
she’s interested in and wants to get to know better.
It doesn’t matter what you say, she can see
everything she needs to know by looking in your eyes
and by your eye contact with her.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Flirting all starts with eye
contact! You can tell a girl is
into you if she’s across the
room and still making eye
contact with you.” Chandler
“I have a big thing with eye
contact, because I think as soon
as you make eye contact with
somebody, you see them, and
they become valued and
worthy.” Mary Lambert
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#76 Not Scared
of Sex
Most women know they can shut a man down
instantly by bringing up sex. It’s one of their “attraction
tests” to see what a man’s made of and if he can walk
the walk as well as he can talk the talk.
Even if you have your beliefs about sex – like waiting
until you’re married, there’s no reason to be afraid of the
topic. The way you respond to the topic of sex or even
the activity itself will tell her if you’re worth her time and
just how good you might, or might not, be in bed.
Here’s a shocker: women think about sex A LOT.
Maybe not as much as men, but not as little as most men
believe they do. Women have the same reproductive
drive as men and it’s hard to believe that some women
enjoy just casual sex as much as men do. Here’s a tip: If
you don’t make sex a huge deal in your mind, you’ll be
more relaxed about it. If you become weird and afraid
when she brings up “sex”, then you’re severely
diminishing that chance that she’ll feel attraction for you
and she might even think you’re a “wuss”.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#77 Get
Never be afraid to get physical with women even if
it’s just putting your hands on her shoulders and scooting
her over.
Women want men who aren’t afraid to be dominant
and take control physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Don’t be afraid to grab her hand and pull her
through a crowd and then keep holding it after
you’ve gotten to where you want to be.
Don’t be afraid to pull her in and hug or even kiss her
if that’s what you feel like doing.
Don’t be afraid to put your hand on her leg or back if
you’re sitting down or walking.
I do stuff like this all the time and women pretty
much never pull away or say “it’s too soon”.
Studies show that touching builds attraction faster
than talking, showing attractive body language, buying
gifts, making her laugh etc. Touching is the cherry on top
with attraction so don’t be afraid to do it.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“The real lover is the man who
can thrill you just by touching
your head or smiling into your
eyes – or just by staring into
space.” Marilyn Monroe

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#78 Don’t Be a
Bad boys don’t act like wussy boys, pussies, sissies,
or pansies when it comes to anything in their life. They
step up to the plate and they be a man about whatever it
is they’re facing and they don’t spend their time hiding in
a corner afraid of women, what they think, or getting
rejected. They look fear in the eye and do whatever it is
they need to do in that moment to get to where they
want to be.
A “pansy” is afraid of women and afraid of
something bad happening around women. It’s basically
the same thing as being a “nice guy”.
Is it possible for women to think you’re a pansy?
But women are actually more brutal about it than
other men because the deep level of disgust women feel
around guys who are “pansies” or “too nice” drives them
to be upset and severely disappointed. So do yourself a
favor and when you need to be brave instead of scared,
just tell yourself, “Don’t be a pansy!”
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#79 Rebel
Something about refusing to bow down to authority
and “fighting the system” instead doing whatever the
hell you want without giving it second thought is highly
attractive to women.
Being a rebel, marching to the beat of your own
drum, and going against the grain gives women thrill,
excitement, danger, and a break from the monotony of
predictable and boring nice guys.
Part of being “bad” is just wanting to think, feel, talk,
behave however the hell you want and you can care less
what anyone around thinks or does.
When you’re a rebel, you’re unpredictable,
entertaining, and women love watching the drama
unfold before their eyes. They love when you’re true to
your feelings, beliefs, and drives and you don’t sacrifice
your values to “fit in” with the rest of society. They love it
when you don’t care about being accepted.
This gives them a feeling of togetherness and power
with you – like it’s just you and her against the world and
there’s nothing more exciting to her than being with the
man who brings out her “bad” side.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“In general, I’m not much into
etiquette and am a rule-breaker
and rebel by nature.” Chip
“What is a rebel? A man who
says no: but whose refusal does
not imply renunciation.”
Albert Camus
“I don’t worry. I don’t doubt.
I’m daring. I’m a rebel.” Mr. T
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#80 On Your
Own Time
Bad boys don’t do what their told when their told.
If they don’t feel like doing something, they do it
when they’re damn well ready.
When people tell you to jump, just stare at them and
let them know you’ll jump when you feel like it.
Don’t let anyone have control over you in any kind of
way. If your job depends on it, then that’s a different
story and you should always complete your tasks.
If something has to be done, outside of work, do it
when you feel like doing it.
Don’t ever feel that you have to stop what you’re
doing to make someone else happy. You’re not
committing a crime by doing so and even though it may
piss someone off, they’re have more respect for you and
know they can’t treat you like a puppet or a dog.
Doing things on your own time communicates you
are your own man and you don’t need anyone’s approval
to make you happy.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#81 Always
Calm & Cool
Another thing women love about bad boys is they
NEVER get bent out of shape unless it’s worth it.
If you’re always throwing temper tantrums and
losing your cool over things that don’t matter, then you
need to work on it.
A trick to remaining calm and cool that I learned is if
something is beyond your control and you can’t have any
effect on it no matter how you react, then it’s not worth
getting upset over.
Getting upset over the things you don’t control
shows a lack of emotional intelligence and it’ll cause
women to lose attraction for you.
Even if it is within your control and it’s stressful,
When everyone is freaking out and losing their
minds, you are the one who becoming calmer, cooler,
and figuring out what to do.
That’s the man women crave.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Women love being around the dude who is always
calm, cool, and relaxed.
The guy who is in complete control of himself seems
much “safer” and appealing to women than the guy who
loses his mind over the smallest things.
Bad boys don’t sweat the small stuff.
They don’t let little things get under their skin and
cause them to lose control of their emotions.
No matter how bad or stressful the situation, the
bad boy stays calm, relaxed, cool, and clearheaded about
whatever is happening around him.
Staying calm and cool no matter what communicates
to her that you’re strong, experienced, and unafraid of
whatever may happen next.
It communicates to her that if she finds herself in a
crazy situation with you, that you’ll be cool enough to
keep her safe and make the best decision for the both of
So work on becoming more patient, calm, collected,
composed, and cool no matter what and women will feel
a lot more attraction for you than the guys who aren’t.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“You have to slow your heart
rate, stay calm. You have to
shoot in between your
heartbeats.” Chris Kyle –
SEAL Team 3 Sniper
“Never be in a hurry; do
everything quietly and in a calm
spirit. Do not lose your inner
peace for anything whatsoever,
even if your whole world seems
upset.” Saint Francis de
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
My father taught me, in boxing,
that when you – particularly
when you get his in the face for
the first time – you’re going to
panic. That instead of
panicking, just accept it. Stay
calm. And any time anybody
hits you, they always leave
themselves open to be hit.”
Rudy Giuliani

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#82 Hard To Get
To women, easy is boring and unattractive.
Bad boys don’t show up at a woman’s doorstep with
chocolates, a big bouquet of flowers, and trying to
impress her parents or shake her daddy’s hand.
They’re not THAT easy.
Besides having more “options” that make them
harder to get than your average “nice guy”, they’re not
obsessed with being “in love” or even in a relationship.
They have a lot going on in their life and they’re having
fun with or without women by their side. Plus bad boys
only take the best of the best – if he knows he can do
better, it’s on to the next one.
If you’re too easy, women are probably feeling more
attraction for some other guy than they are you.
Things that make women think you’re “easy”:
Texting 24/7 to show her you’re still interested
Saying “yes” to every request from women
Running to the phone every time she texts and calls
Trying to prove to her how much nicer you are than
other guys
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Giving women your constant approval
Being needy and clingy
Telling women your life story
Doing everything on her terms
Caring what she thinks of you or says to her friends
The less you do this stuff, the more you
communicate that you’re not easy and you’re harder to
get than she thinks.
Women like the challenge and enjoy working for it.
In their minds, a hard to get guy makes things more
interesting, fun, motivating, and breaks the monotony of
always meeting “nice guys” who make themselves way
too easy.
Things that make you “hard to get”:
Not always being available
Exploring your options
Telling women “no”
Not kissing ass or seeking approval
Being mysterious
Doing things on your terms
Indifferent to her beauty and charm
Not worried about losing her attention
Not caring at all what she thinks
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#83 React Vs.
I’ve noticed that one of the biggest problems we
have around women is we “react” instead of respond. In
my opinion, when we react to something, we’re behaving
based on natural tendencies and instincts.
When we “respond”, we’re actually taking a second
to stop and think about what we’re going to say and do
or even feel in response to what just happened.
A lot of bad boys naturally respond to women and
situations instead of reacting because they know reacting
can mess things up. Instead, they know it’s better to
pause or stop and think about what to say or do next so
they don’t make the situation bad or worse.
Many of us are in reactive mode 24 hours a day and
it causes us to be full of anxiety, uptight, and unable to
just relax.
So next time you’re around a woman you like, when
something comes up that catches you off guard, instead
of “reacting, stop and think about how you’re going to
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“How people treat you is their
karma; how you react is yours.”
Wayne Dyer
“Life is 10% what happens to
you and 90% how you react to
it.” Charles R. Swindoll
“It’s not what happens to you,
but how you react to it that
matters.” Epictetus
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Show Her
Your Bad
Boy Side
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#84 Unusually
Nice guys are usually too chicken shit to be unusually
honest when they need to be and women truly
appreciate and admire the pure and untamed honesty of
a bad boy.
If he wants her, he makes it obvious.
If she’s been on his mind, he’ll tell her.
If he wants to see her, he doesn’t engineer a sneaky
plan to make it happen.
If he doesn’t like something, he lets her know.
If he’s not in the mood, he doesn’t hide it just to
make her happy.
Bad boys are brutally honest in their intentions as
well because when they want to take things to the next
level with women, they have no problem leading the
There’s no reason to lie to women about anything
and even if the truth pisses her off, she’ll appreciate you
not bullshitting her just to get her approval.
Become more honest than any man she’s ever met.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#85 Check Her
Part of being honest is when you see a woman you
like, don’t lie or be apologetic about checking her out.
It’s human nature and if she’s attractive, who cares
what she thinks.
Bad boys don’t stare like a deer in headlights… they
Women hate guys who stare but don’t mind a man
who looks.
Women dress up nice because THEY KNOW men will
look at them and even stare.
If you get caught checking her out, don’t hide it. Give
her a little smile that says, “I was checking you out, I like
what I see, and I don’t care what you think.”
When I catch eyes with a woman, I’ll look her up and
down while she’s looking at me and then stare into her
eyes again.
You’ll be amazed at how flattered, surprised, and
turned on women get when you’re unafraid.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#86 Don’t
If you’re afraid of offending others or apologetic if
someone around you doesn’t like something, then I can
bet that many women don’t feel attraction for you.
The most popular and well liked men aren’t sorry for
anything. They aren’t sorry for who they are, if they
come off wrong to someone, or even if they accidentally
bump into someone.
Bad boys don’t need to apologize to women or
anyone else for who they are, what they prefer, and how
they behave. They don’t constantly apologize to women
if they say something that doesn’t come out right. If she
can’t handle a high level of honesty, there’s nothing to be
sorry about.
Stop being apologetic about everything and expect
others to just deal with it.
The only time apologizing is expected and powerful
is when you did something really screwed up or you hurt
someone really bad. Then a heartfelt apology can go a
long way and repair a lot of hurt feelings and damage.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I’ve stopped apologizing to
myself for having this great
period of success and financial
acceptance.” Robert Plant
“You can’t spend your life
apologizing.” Jude Law
“I’m not apologizing for
anything, especially if it’s a
joke.” Artie Lange
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#87 Strong and
Dirty Looks
If there’s one thing that obviously separates the nice
guys from the bad boys it’s the look on their face.
Nice guys arrange their face so that it’s pleasing,
friendly, and accepted by everyone because it’s a
byproduct of the “niceness” happening in their mind. Bad
boys arrange their face however the hell they want to
arrange it because it’s also a reflection of what’s
happening in their mind.
Since bad boys are so unafraid of women and
everything around them, they give strong and dirty looks
pretty often. These looks drive women nuts!
If you go back to #56 and take another look at these
men, you’ll notice that they all have serious faces.
They’re not trying to please anyone or make kids happy.
They don’t have a “I want to impress you” look on their
face and instead it’s a “you need to impress me” look.
If you have this look naturally, great. If not, start
working on not smiling so much and becoming a little
more serious.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#88 Mr. Serious
Nice guys are always smiling in a way that says, “Can
I have your approval?”
Bad boys may smile a lot at times but in a way that
says, “I’m having a good time but you still don’t have MY
Think of a car salesman. They laugh and smile
because they want you to buy a car from them. It’s
usually not very genuine and it just feels “fake”. Now
think of a big movie star doing an interview. They don’t
really want to be there. They don’t need anyone’s
approval because they already have way too much of it.
They smile because they find something amusing and not
because they care about anyone liking them.
Big difference.
You’ll notice that a lot of bad boys just don’t smile
very much and it doesn’t mean they’re in a bad mood,
pissed off, or unhappy. They’re just in a neutral mood,
not caring what anyone thinks, and they don’t need to
adjust their face for approval.
Women like the neutral/serious face and attitude.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#89 Never
Boring or
Being boring and predictable is the perfect mix to
make women run away from you as fast as they can.
Women like you being unpredictable for the same
reason they like you to be mysterious – because it’s less
boring and more exciting.
If she’s bored, she won’t feel attraction for you and
predictability causes her to become bored because she
doesn’t have to guess what you’ll do next – she just
That’s BORING.
Don’t be so unpredictable that you take off your
pants and start jumping from table to table at a
restaurant but don’t be so boring that she’s texting other
guys, asking them what they’re doing, and thinking about
what to say to get away from you as fast as possible.
Bad boys are unpredictable. Be the same way.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#90 Never
Needy or Clingy
Nice guys communicate so much insecurity by telling
women they barely know, “I need you!” They believe if
they don’t see her for one day that she’ll find another
guy, move on, and forget about anyone else.
Bad boys aren’t needy and clingy. They really don’t
care. If they have her, great. If they don’t, it’s whatever.
What needy and clingy behavior looks like:
Calling/texting too much
Asking to see her too often
Always physically touching her
Asking her how she feels about you
Getting upset if she doesn’t call/text/spend time
with you
Not giving her space – physically and figuratively
Needy and clingy behavior drives women away
almost faster than anything else.
If you’re needy and clingy, stop. Communicate
you’re the man for her by getting rid of this stuff.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#91 Boundaries
Having your own clear boundaries is crucial but so is
respecting the boundaries of women. It means you’re
clear on how others are going to talk to you, treat you,
and behave around you and also you’re clear on how
you’re going to treat yourself and conduct yourself no
matter who’s around.
Your boundary is like an imaginary circle around you
– like a bubble around you everywhere you go.
When people talk ugly or down to you, pick on you,
hurt your feelings, or cause you to become upset, you’re
letting them violate your boundary and reach inside your
bubble and mess with you. They’re disrespecting your
boundary and getting away with it.
Your boundary is a shield from the things you don’t
want like drama, stress, anxiety, and mistreatment from
others and it protects your happiness and peace of mind.
It’s your “safety zone” that others don’t cross.
When someone does something you don’t like and
you say, “I don’t like that shit, bud. Please don’t do that”
you’re telling them, “I have boundaries, and you just
crossed into it. Don’t do it again and we’ll be cool.”
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
When women notice your boundaries, they’ll feel
more attraction because they’ll poke at you’re boundary
and say, “I like this guy. He seems to know what he does
and doesn’t like. He seems to know himself.”
On the other side of the coin, women also have
THEIR boundaries that should be respected.
They expect you and other men to respect and not
cross their boundary.
If you cross her boundary or do something she
doesn’t like, she’s going to say, “Hey, I don’t like that.”
So when you respect women’s boundaries, you
know what they don’t like, what pisses them off, and
what annoys them and you’re sure to just be a cool guy
and not reach into their bubble.
The more you reach into her bubble and try to mess
with her, the less attraction she’ll feel and the less she’ll
enjoy being around you.
Expect women to respect your boundaries and
respect the boundaries of women you date.
Bad boys are crystal clear about their boundaries
and will assert that boundary when someone tries
reaching in and messing with them.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
As you learned earlier in this eBook, they know what
they do and don’t like, how they will and won’t conduct
themselves, and how others will and won’t treat them.
If people disrespect you, pick on you, talk down to
you, treat you in ways you don’t like to be treated, or you
just have a bunch of drama and stress in your life, then
you may need to build your boundary up and when
anyone, especially women, try to reach in a mess with
you, make it clear that you have boundaries.
It’s also possible to have “holes” in your boundary
due to a lack of experience. You may learn something
new that you don’t like and if you don’t want it
happening again, simply patch that “hole” up in your
boundary to prevent it from happening again.
The more you learn about yourself, grow, mature,
and the more experience you gain with women, you’ll
develop a stronger and stronger boundary that’s more
clear and obvious to those around you.
The clearer and stronger your boundary, the more
women and others will just “know” to be cool and not do
anything that they know will get under your skin.
Develop a strong boundary and stay true to it
whether you’re with friends, family, or women.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“With my feelings, I hold a lot
in, because I didn’t always have
boundaries and people would
take advantage of situations
because I’m a nice guy.”
Kellan Lutz
“Daring to set boundaries is
about having the courage to
love ourselves, even when we
risk disappointing others.”
Brene Brown
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#92 Guardian
Not only are bad boys very protective of their
boundary and self-respect, but they’re also naturally
protective of those close to them – whether it be a
sibling, parent, friend, co-worker, or girlfriend.
Messing with someone close to them is messing with
Bad boys understand that sometimes those close to
them aren’t as able to defend themselves mentally and
physically against threats and they might have to step up
to the plate and fight their battles for them.
They’re not likely at all to run away and say, “I have
my own problems. You worry about this yourself!”
Remember that if you’re going to be dominant and a
leader, it also means you’re aggressive, protective, and a
guardian for those less capable than you of protecting
When women see you have the “guardian” qualities,
they’re more likely to feel safe and comfortable when
they’re with you. They know if something were happen,
you’d handle the problem no questions asked.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#93 Be
Nice guys believe they always have to be available to
women and if they disappear for a while to do their own
thing, that she’ll lose interest and run away. They don’t
understand that being unavailable from time to time
“peaks” a woman’s interest, causes her focus to shift
from everything else to him, and ultimately makes her
more attracted to him.
If you’re constantly available no matter what, there’s
a higher chance she’ll find it boring and predictable. If
you text or call back 3 seconds after you hear from her,
she’ll know that she has you wrapped around her finger
and that you’re not a challenge.
Even if things are going great with her, a lot of bad
boys simply won’t text/call/see her at all for hours or
even days just because they don’t need to or “feel” like
talking to her. This doesn’t make you a bad guy. It
doesn’t make you a jerk. It simply builds her anticipation
for when she finally does hear from you.
Don’t feel the need to always be available.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#94 Give & Get
Being unavailable from time to time communicates
to her that you’re fine with giving her space and you’re
not needy and clingy in any way.
Giving her space shows her that you’re not
“overboard” with how you feel about her, you’re
balanced, and you’re mature about relationships. What’s
equally important is you’re communicating to her that
you need your space as well from time to time.
Bad boys often need their space and get on edge
when they feel cornered or trapped by women.
When she sees you need your space, she’s more
likely to lay off and respect you and your time. She’ll
know that it’s not OK to overdo it with you and that she
needs to be more balanced with your time and attention.
So if you want to amplify attraction, from time to
time, just go out with your friends without her, spend a
day or two doing your own thing, and get the “wiggle
room” and space you need. Give her space to her and
show her you need yours. Be balanced and mature.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#95 No
One sure way to tell women “I’m weak, needy,
clingy, insecure, unsure of myself, desperate, and I have
no other options” is to get jealous.
Jealousy is understandable if she’s your wife or
you’ve been with her for several years. But with a
woman you just met, it’s a surefire way to make her raise
her eyebrows at you and lose interest.
Nice guys get jealous, angry, and upset if a woman
they barely know appears to be exploring her “options”.
Most bad boys don’t care.
If the woman they like is talking to some other dude,
they literally think, “whatever, that’s cool.”
If she leaves him and starts dating another guy, he
simply moves on to the next woman because he knows
moving on won’t be that hard.
NEVER let jealousy get the best of you and cause you
to behave in a manner that women find distasteful and
unattractive. Be cool about it.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“The jealous are possessed by a
mad devil and a dull spirit at
the same time.” Johann
Kaspar Lavater
“The jealous are troublesome to
others, but a torment to
themselves.” William Penn
“Jealousy… is a mental cancer.”
B.C. Forbes
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#96 Never
A lot of guys pretend to be a lot nicer, sweeter,
cooler, and friendlier than they actually are because they
want the approval of women around them. They believe
if they act like themselves then women won’t like them
as much, which isn’t true at all.
Bad boys don’t change their personality to
accommodate whoever is in the room. No matter how
beautiful or rich the woman, they are who they are.
This level of authenticity is what women truly want
and seek in men because it communicates maturity,
composure, and honesty.
She knows when you’re being “fake” or pretending
to be another way just to get somewhere with her
because she sees it ALL THE TIME and she’s not looking
for another guy who puts on an act.
No matter how hot or sexy she is, don’t pretend to
be cooler, nicer, sweeter, or even richer than you really
are. She sees enough of that and will appreciate you a lot
more if you’re authentic and genuine with her.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I know of nothing more
valuable, when it comes to the
all-important virtue of
authenticity, than simply being
who you are.” Charles
“Authenticity is really
important, and sometimes
that’s really hard to get.” Tom

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#97 Never
Explain Yourself
We sometimes feel the urge to explain ourselves to
women because we think if we don’t, that we’ll lose their
approval that we’ve worked so hard to get.
Explanations don’t cause her to feel more attraction
and you can actually lose the attraction she feels for you
if you’re always explaining yourself to her like she’s your
mother. Explaining might mean you’re seeking approval.
You don’t need an explanation for everything you
do. If fact, even if they want you to explain yourself, you
don’t have to. Have a backbone. You don’t have to
explain yourself, your life, or your reasons for being who
you are and doing what you do to a woman you just met.
As harsh as it may sound – it’s kind of none of her
Women respect you more when you keep certain
parts and areas of your life completely to yourself.
Bad boys don’t give reasons, excuses, or
explanations for most of the stuff they do. They just do it
and it’s no one’s business as to why. Think the same way.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Never complain and never
explain.” Benjamin
“Never explain – your friends do
not need it and your enemies
will not believe you anyway.”
Elbert Hubbard
“Never retreat. Never explain.
Get it done and let them howl.”
Benjamin Jowett
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#98 Don’t Be a
Bad boys don’t go out of their way to be funny or to
make women laugh. It’s not one of their main concerns –
even if they’re naturally funny. If there’s something
funny on their mind, they’ll say it but they don’t sit and
think of something funny to say.
We all try to be funny from time to time and some of
us even overdo it because we hear “being funny is the
way to her heart” and other similar stuff.
The “serious guy” appeal seems to work just fine and
a bad boy will only share something that is funny to him.
Not something that he thinks only she’ll find funny. He
won’t say or do anything just to get a reaction out of a
woman or to get her approval.
That’s very important.
If you know you already have her approval, you
don’t have to be a clown or a jackass to try and get more
approval. Never try too hard to make her laugh. Just be
yourself, have a good time, and don’t feel like you
absolutely need to entertain her.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“Actually being funny is
mostly telling the truth about
things.” Bernard Sahlins
“If you try to be funny, you’re
not being funny.” John
Gordon Sinclair

99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
#99 Laugh At
Rejection will bring a nice guy to his knees, end the
world as he knows it, and lead him to believe all women
are assholes who only date assholes.
Nice guys don’t see rejection as a learning
experience, but rather as a curse from God because they
believe any woman who rejects them is mean and cold
When bad boys get rejected, which they do more
than you think, they literally laugh it off and move on to
the next.
They realize what they may have done wrong, if
anything, and they fix it quick.
They don’t sit and cry, call all women whores and
lesbians, and give up forever trying to meet “the perfect
Rejection is hilarious to the bad boy because he just
knows that SHE screwed up her chances with a great guy.
Develop this same mindset, and you’ll be just fine.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
Rejection isn’t about you specifically, it’s about HER
and what she’s looking for.
If you’re not what she’s looking for at all, then how is
it your fault and why should you feel bad if she tells you
Also, most nice guys approach women with the idea
of wanting to be “accepted” by them within the first 10
seconds of meeting them.
Since you’ve learned that you shouldn’t care at all
about being accepted by women or they’re opinion of
you, how can you be “rejected” if you’re not trying to be
accepted in the first place?
So instead of seeing it as “rejection”, just take it as
“she’s busy or uninterested in talking right now”.
That simple.
If someone is uninterested in talking you to, it would
seem silly to get crazy upset and wish horrible things
upon that person wouldn’t it?
So next time you get “rejected” by a woman, simply
laugh it off and move on to the next one. Don’t take it as
a personal attack, a sign that you have something wrong
with you, or as an omen that you’ll be alone forever.
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
“I think that you have to believe
in your destiny; that you will
succeed, you will meet a lot of
rejection and it is not always a
straight path, there will be
detours so enjoy the view.”
Michael York
“We all learn lessons in life.
Some stick, some don’t. I have
always learned more from
rejection and failure than from
acceptance and success.”
Henry Rollins
99 BAD BOY TRAITS Major League Dating
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My First Official “Solo” Trip to Sri Lanka – Day 1

train station in sri lanka

Sri Lanka, A Jewel shaped country in the Indian Ocean was an unexpected surprise. I loved every bit of it : The Green grassy landscapes, The not-so-delicious food, The crumbled overgrown ruins, The abundant wildlife and especially The  Welcoming locals who took hospitality to the next level. It was like that I time-traveled India 30-40 years before. Old Bus & Train tickets, 90s vehicles, Ranjit & Govinda style fashion was very Nostalgic.

Travelling through the country was easy, Just a little chaotic with over crowded buses moving along clogged roads and Trains packed to the grills with people hanging off the edges (which was actually adventurous). English was not widely spoken so it was little difficult to navigate but I learned few words to communicate like “Ayu Bowan” which means “Namaskaar” in Hindi and “Hello” in English.

Once I arrived at Bandar Naike Airport & Breezed through to Immigration, A Policeman caught me to check my bags. I was carrying “whey protein” in plastic bags which he thought was “Brown Sugar” but he tasted and found that it was actually Protein powder.

This is where my Adventure began..

Important Tip: Whenever you travel, keep your eyes on your bags and make sure nobody put something in your bags like in Bollywood movies & Read all the papers before signing any paper by Immigration or Security office to stay safe from any unexpected trouble.

Airport Exit gate was equipped with Taxi services desks, Costing around 3000-4000 LKR along with some Independent  Taxi drivers who were charging 1500-2000 LKR but my destination was “Kandy City” via Train, I took a public transport bus to Colombo Fort Railway Station. Just follow the steps below to get a bus :

The way out of the airport to the bus

The bus parked at Colombo Airport

It is very hard to miss this bus as it is parked with Taxis and has a Sign on top of its windshield that says “Colombo Fort”. You will also see a flow of passengers getting in with luggage.

At the time of writing bus tickets to and from the Colombo Airport to Colombo costed 120 rupees

It took 1.5 hrs to arrive to Colombo Fort and bus ticket cost me 200 LKR. Train from Colombo to Kandy was of 3-4 hrs Journey packed with people, I traveled in 2nd Class like “Passenger Trains” in India.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

First Check point : Kandy
At the time of creating the Travel Itinerary to Sri Lanka, I’d read many articles about Kandy and decided to Start from this beautiful Old king city Kandy which was the Second biggest city in Sri Lanka.




Only thing I hated was “Who charges to visit a temple?” I had to pay 2500 LKR to enter into the temple.



“Kandyan Dance” was the next big thing which happened to me.. Although it felt like I’m in “Durga Puja” festival which cost me 5000 LKR.






After all this adventure, It was time for my second goal of Travel “Food”, Best Restaurant in Kandy was “Balaji Dosai” and all I have eaten was Dosa, Egg Hopper & Vegetable Kottu.

Image result for balaji dosai kandy

I should doze off now.. because my day 2 was going to be very Tiring & Adventurous.

Check this space for Day 2..

How to Store Vegetables for Longer Time – Part 1?

How to Store Vegetables for Longer Time – Part 1?

Being Single is Boon or Bane, I don’t know but this is how I’m able to store my Vegetables for a week. I buy vegetables every week to save my time.

So let’s begin, For Chilies, Curry Leaves, Ginger, Coriander etc

  1. Prepare a Solution (3 Part of water & 1 Part of White Vinegar) in a Big Bowl.
  2. Soak Chilies, Curry leaves, Coriander & Ginger (One at a time) in the Bowl for 5-10 mins to remove the dirt & pesticides or harmful medicated sprinklings. Also, You can use hands or brush to clean them if required.
  3. Wash them again under running water & leave them to Air-dry on a cotton cloth, Alternatively you can also use another cotton cloth or electric fan or cooler to dry them fast.
  4. After the vegetables are completely dried, Store Chilies, Curry Leaves & Ginger into a zip-lock bag (make sure there is no moisture remaining in the bag).
  5.  Roll Coriander leaves in to Tissue paper & Store them into zip-lock bags.
  6. I put them all in a box or basket together in a fridge to use when cooking.
  7. Once in a week, Open the bags, wipe the moisture with kitchen towel & place them back.


Items Required
White Vinegar

Bowl to Soak Vegetabels

Kitchen Towel

Zip-Lock Bags

Tissue Roll

Kitchen Basket


Why should You Blog?

Why should You Blog?

If you know me a bit, you know that I love blogging  And I believe everyone should blog.

Do you know why?

Because there are plenty of benefits to blogging. But still, a lot of you aren’t blogging. You’re missing out a lot.
Now, let’s start with the first benefit. Do you know the reason behind most people choosing to blog?
It’s the ability to earn a passive income. Yes.
Thanks to blogging, many are living a laptop lifestyle, enjoying the freedom.
They can work from anywhere, anytime without having to report to anyone.
But how can you earn from blogging?
#1: Running Ads
Most beginners start with this method.
You can run contextual ads through Adsense or other alternatives. And when people click on the ad, you get paid.
But the problem is,
You need to get tens of thousands of visitors a day to your blog in order to earn a decent income. And people don’t like ads.
#2: Earn via Affiliate Marketing:
This is the choice of the most bloggers.
You promote other products and get commissions when someone purchases the product through your link.
It’s called affiliate marketing.
It’s the main revenue channel for many bloggers.
And the best part is you can do this in any market or niche.
#3: Sell your products
This probably is the best option for you to live the real laptop lifestyle.
But, it requires a lot of effort from you.
You need to position yourself as an expert, build an audience, and create a product that your audiences will love to buy.
And when you’ve done all, you can sell those courses and keep earning as much as you want, like I’m doing right now.
But, all of this starts with one thing.
Hope this gives you a reason.
Happy Blogging

How to be a Casanova?

There is a fine line between being a player and being a Casanova. “Giacomo Casanova” was a historical figure of the XVI century, upon whose fame, fortune and misfortunes that the term came to be known as that of a great lover, which indeed he was. But being a Casanova -being like “The Casanova”- is much more than getting women to bed. It’s about developing a charm and charisma which will get you, like him, anywhere you may please.

Related image

It is of course no easy feat, but it will change your life forever, for the better or for the worse, if you have the courage.

Be a Casanova Step 1
Read “Histoire de ma vie” Casanova’s autobiography. He wrote the book for one reason alone: I am writing my life to laugh at myself, and I’m succeeding. His book Is over 4,000 pages of outrageously fun stories about a single man’s adventures conquering the world through his charm.

Be a Casanova Step 2
Listen. Actually listening to somebody is the single most important rule you’ll ever learn about people -especially women. Listen to what they have to say. All people have dreams, fears, hopes and thoughts. Listening to them will be the greatest gift you can give to anybody, great or small, wise or ignorant, and if you can do that for them, they’ll love you in return.

Be a Casanova Step 3
Have fun. The only reason to lead a life of adventure is to enjoy it. Power, money, pleasure and excitement will come all in due time but they will be just spices on the main dish. Even the charm and charisma which you’ll learn are mere accessories to the ultimate goal of enjoying your freedom to do what you love. Don’t be too serious about life. This will project you as more cool and confident person, which are qualities of a Casanova.

Be a Casanova Step 4
Love, laugh and live as hard as you can.

Be a Casanova Step 5
Don’t be afraid of swimming against the tide, but do not hate the people who frown upon your actions.

Be a Casanova Step 6
Gamble when you can’t afford to lose. This may seem like terrible advice, but you’ll never be as creative, as fast and as brave than when losing is not an option.

Be a Casanova Step 7
Seek that which you can’t have. Always have the die hard attitude to achieve goals in life which you have desired to have in life and develop abilities to achieve them.

Be a Casanova Step 8
When you lose it all you’ll learn that you didn’t need it in the first place.

Be a Casanova Step 9
Don’t be afraid. Nothing worth remembering has ever came from being afraid. If you get fired from your job, well, you probably didn’t like it anyway. If your girl leaves you, there still plenty of fish in the sea. If you get shot in the leg, well, you had it coming anyway.

Be a Casanova Step 10
Feel it rather than think about it. A thousand women may fall in love with your dreams, none will love you for your reason.

Be a Casanova Step 11
Don’t listen to people. Most of them have a way of telling you that the life of a Casanova is full of sin, moral perversion and deviousness. For the most part this is true. But the world needs dreamers too. They may never understand you, but they won’t have as much fun either. Trust yourself. Trusting your heart will take you to places that nothing else can. You will make mistakes, of course, but it is not about being right or wrong, it’s about living.

Be a Casanova Step 12
Try everything. At least once, mostly twice. This means forgetting prejudice, shutting your mouth and actually doing things. If you’ve always talked about buying a van and driving cross the continent there’s no reason to keep putting it off, vans are cheap, food is everywhere; go for it!

Be a Casanova Step 13
Get principles to start with. “Being a nice person” and “being honest” doesn’t quite cut it. Your principles should stand for something beyond that, something in the line of “Freedom, Beauty, Truth & Love” will do.

Be a Casanova Step 14
Stand by your principles. Being a free man doesn’t mean you can do anything you want, regard your own principles higher than the actual law, let them be your guide.

Be a Casanova Step 15
Stay thirsty. No matter what you achieve, how great your life seems to be, or how tired you become, there’s always a new adventure waiting around the corner for the man who is ready to undertake it.

Dance, for the fun of it.
Learn from the masters. They know their trade, players, politicians, salesmen, they all build castles in the sky. There’s a lot to learn from them.
Remember even the greats started at the bottom, the important thing is to keep moving.
‘Be a little bit better everyday. Whether it’s your smell, your looks, your moves, or your confidence, I leave it to up you.
Smile. Laugh. Be grateful for this opportunity, raise your glass to your fellow brothers and have a beautiful life.
Learn to talk, about abstract intangible things, dreams and hopes rather than facts and things, There are a gazillion articles about it out there.
Look good. Loving everyone means respecting everyone, yourself too, and that includes your body. Exercise, dress as nice as you can, indulge in shallow little things like haircuts and shoes. It will boost your confidence. But remember that it ‘s still an accessory.
Stop reading and start putting into practice what you are. Unless you are out there in the field you won’t know how is it like being the Casanova.
Stop over analyzing things, just go with the flow. Some people get too caught up in their thought process when any girl rejects them, instead move on and find a new one.
Experience in the best teacher. Learn from your mistake and move on.
Develop good communication skills. Most of the Casanovas are very good communicators; they know how to strike with the ladies with their words.
Have positive thoughts in the mind most of the times; we know it’s tough to keep positive thoughts in our minds all time specially when things get tough, but practice makes a man perfect.
Repetition is the mother of skills; keep trying. It’s a numbers game guys: the more you try, the more better you get at seducing the ladies, but guys, please don’t come as desperate or needy.
Becoming a Casanova can bring life changing consequences.
Not everyone is cut for this life, so make sure it’s what you really want and that you’re not just momentarily bored.
You will be rejected by many ladies,specially those looking for a husband material, so don’t take rejection personally and move on.
Forget about stability and security. This is no life to have a nice corner office and three children.

(Based on various Wikihow)

My Fun with Eggs – Egg Butter Masala

Eggs are one of easiest & cheapest available Super Foods in the world but eating Egg Bhurji or Boiled eggs everyday is boring, Let’s add Indian tastes to it..

I’m Creating “Egg Butter Masala

What we need: 

  • 3 Hard Boiled eggs
  • 1 ½ tablespoons butter
  • ½ cup chopped onions
  • ½ cup chopped tomatoes
  • 9-10 cashew nuts
  • 2 cloves
  • 1 cardamom
  • 1 inch cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon red chili powder
  • ¼ teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste
  • 1 teaspoon coriander powder
  • ½ teaspoon garam masala
  • ¼ teaspoon Kasuri methi
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tablespoon cream
  • Coriander leaves to garnish

Let’s Cook

  • Add butter to a pan & saute eggs till they become brown & remove
  • Now Add chopped onion, tomato and cashews to the pan & Roast
  • Once onion & tomato change their color (roasted) then add turmeric, salt & chilli powder
  • Cook for 5-6 mins & remove from the flames
  • Cool it & transfer it to a blender & add 3/4 cup of water & Blend
  • Heat 3/4th tbsp butter and add cardamom, cinnamon & clove. Saute for 30 sec.
  • Add ginger-garlic paste & saute for a minute.
  • Add the blend & 1/4 cup of water, Cook for 7 mins over medium flame
  • Add kasuri methi & 2 cook minute
  • Add Eggs & cook for 3 minutes
  • Remove from the flame & Garnish with Cream & Coriander leaves

If you are trying this, Let me know in the comment box How’s It? and If you have any idea to do it differently or any other creative dish which can be created using Eggs, Write it in the comment box.

What are the best Insurance Blogs to follow?

Insurance is something which everyone struggles to understand including the Professionals. This listing of best Insurance blogs is a great resource who are looking to expand their skills.


1. Insurance Splash is a marketing resource blog that focuses on helping insurance companies and insurance agents improve their marketing with helpful how-to blogs and blog tips on topics such as sales tips, referral marketing, value selling, and cross-selling. This is a perfect blog for anyone who wants to better understand their options for marketing or to find resources that will help ensure that their marketing efforts are complete. Expect updates about 4-5 times per month.


2. leadPops is a weekly updated marketing blog that focuses on the insurance & real estate industries, employing a variety of content types to educate, entertain, and inform marketers on the latest and greatest in the insurance and real estate spaces. With fun, colorful infographics and easy-to-digest content, this is a great one to keep on your list for some Monday morning reading in the office. Expect posts once a week.


3. Smarts Pro Marketing is also known as Smarts Pro Marketing and their blog is richly populated with blogs that are comparisons of current market conditions. Expect topics on the psychology of selling, why selling like a commodity is a mistake and even marketing basics such as how to write the perfect sales oriented newsletter. This blog is perfect for the experienced marketing professional who wants to find new niche marketing ideas to increase their target market. Expect blogs 3-5 times per month.

4. Agency Revolution Blog offers a different perspective from many insurance blogs. Expect blog posts on the intricacies of the relationship between agents and their customers, customer retention, and managing the ongoing stream of value marketing. The blog is published 1-2 times per month and sometimes skips a month. No worry there, the information in each blog is deep enough that you might need that month to consider, evaluate, and apply the insight to your own marketing strategy.


5. Inbound Insurance Marketing Blog is a snappy, full-of-details type of blog that offers outstanding tips on how to produce stellar insurance copy and content. Expect topics such as B2B drivers and buyers decisions, tools that fuel market growth, and how to overcome writer’s block. This blog is perfect for anyone who has marketing that is doing “okay” but not performing well. The insider-like tips are a perfect checklist that helps turn an average marketing strategy into a winner. Expect blog quarterly.


6. Insurance Information Institute Insurance Topics Page (blog) covers everything from homeowners insurance and automobile insurance to special insurance coverage and includes videos too. The blog is perfect for people who create insurance content or who publish their own blog on insurance topics. The site serves as a great resource for the insurance industry. Expect regular updates in both article or video format.


7. The Agency Marketing Machine blog is a robust resource chock-full of case studies, infographics, walkthroughs, and a wealth of other educational material for insurance marketers. Whether you’re an expert marketer, or only just beginning to explore the insurance marketing world, Agency Marketing Machine is a great resource to start with. Expect multiple posts per week.


8. Agent Branding System Blog is nearly every other day. This is a blog that is chalked full of marketing inspirations and key insider-type details about the insurance industry. The blog is perfect for anyone who is running a beginning to an advanced marketing campaign and who wants to find the emerging trends within the industry. This is a great resource for steering an insurance marketing strategy and to help you find new ways to reach new, existing, and past customers.


9. AMAXX Workers Comp Resource Center Blog is the place to go for any agency who offers workers comp insurance and who wants more detailed information about the industry. Expect blogs at least daily and sometimes multiple posts per day. The blog’s topics range from issues within the California worker’s comp market such as dealing with Cal/Osha, and CA’s OAL approvals to national worker’s comp issues such as how to understand or formulate a risk management plan, high-risk companies with multiple infractions, or reviews of national conferences.


10. The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors blog is published about every two weeks. The blog focuses on NAIFA and their activities, but there is plenty of information here for outside agencies to find inspiration and emerging trends. Expect topics such as the Department of Labor’s guide to fiduciary rule and its lack of clarity, financial exploitation rules as they apply to seniors, and health exchanges. This is a perfect blog for anyone who needs help with big topics or who wants to add big topics of national concern to their marketing or lead generation campaign.


11. The Insurance Agents Blog is an outstanding insurance marketing resource for every insurance company or agent. It offers a range of topics that include tips on making better sales, technology to help with marketing and office efficiency, marketing tips, and a healthy link to industry news. Expect new topics frequently across a range of insurance niche markets including health and life, property, causality, and specialty insurance.


12. The QuoteShark Blog is packed with insurance-focused content on a range of subjects from social media to content creation. There are topics that discuss digital marketing within the Insurance industry and topics that are written to brokers specifically. Expect new articles on a weekly basis, across a variety of subject areas.


13. The StartUpSelling blog is the brainchild of Alan Blume. This blog is a wonderful place for many reasons. Those include the outstanding topic/resource list that is easy fodder for anyone who needs to add a topic to their own blog, learn insider marketing tricks and tips or who wants to keep on top of the most current trends in insurance marketing. Expect topics on How to Understand Keywords, tips on improving your blog or agency’s SEO. The blog topics range from B2C to B2B and across industries such as green technology and eMarketing.


14. Property Casualty 360° is a site that focuses on market opportunities within the property and casualty insurance industry. This is less of a blog and more of a news site with deep insider-type information. This is an awesome site for anyone who wants to grow their market share or start offering products in the property and Casualty sector. Expect new posts multiple times per day.


15. Insurance Social Media Blog is a site that every insurance agent should bookmark. It is here that you will find the keys to managing social media as it relates to growing market share, lead generation, and community presence. This is an excellent blog for anyone who is confused about what social media is and how it works.


16. ITC Marketing Blog is an awesome source that focuses on the marketing and marketing questions for active insurance agencies. Expect 1-2 blogs per week on topics that are stellar. Topics include digital transformation in insurance, solutions for low web traffic, trends in top insurance websites. This is a great place for anyone who is curious if their site is modern.


17. Advisor Evolved Blog is a great resource and good read for anyone who wants to understand the deeper issues within insurance marketing. Web automation, Internet of Things, digitizing marketing, the relationship between traffic and lead generation, etc. Expect new blogs weekly with a huge back library of existing topics.


18. QQ Solutions: The QQ Solutions Blog is a spot-on-place for insurance agents to learn about insurance marketing, especially for independent agencies. Expect 1-2 topics every two weeks. Topics include agency growth strategies, understanding the power of cloud technology, the evolution of the insurance industry, and data analysis. This is an outstanding blog when you want to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and campaigns.


19. Insurance Digital Marketing Blog is a fascinating blog that helps agencies address the generation gap. Expect topics about how to market to Millennials, responsive site design, the value of lead generation over SERP placement, keys to improving your website design. The site offers easy to read and understand marketing blogs that are richly populated and helpful within the insurance industry.


20. The inBuzz Group Blog is a great resource for anyone wondering how politics is going to change the face of insurance. Expect tools such as learning to use a content calendar and resourceful topics such as what to do when your insurance marketing is not generating leads. Expect new blogs once per week and a healthy back library of topics.

How to Port your number to Reliance Jio?

Image result for reliance jio

Reliance Jio bought a revolution in Telecom Industry since it’s launched in September last year by Providing Free calls & ultra low cost 4G data to consumers across India with high network rates then any other telecom company in India. If these offers attracts you & you want to switch to Reliance Jio, You can Port your existing numbers to Reliance Jio & it will be done in 7days. Here’s how you can Port your number to Reliance Jio –

I want to port in my number to Jio. What should I do?

  • To port in, SMS PORT <10-digit mobile number> to 1900 from your existing number which needs to be ported to Jio
  • You will get an SMS that will contain the UPC code and its expiry date
  • Download MyJio app from Play Store or App Store and generate Jio coupon code
  • Walk in to nearest Jio stores or Reliance Digital / Dx Mini or Jio retailer with the UPC (Unique porting code) code and your Jio coupon code along with the handset
  • Carry your Aadhaar Card number and activate your Jio connection through eKYC process
– Clear all your pending dues with current operator (if you have a post-paid mobile connection)
– As per government regulations, your number will be ported into Jio within 7 working days, and you will be intimated on the day it is being ported into Jio. Your services will not be interrupted in the intervening period.
– Customers in Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East; have an alternative option of submitting paper CAF along with self-attested copy of Proof of Address(POA), Proof of Identity(POI) documents and a recent color passport sized photograph to get a Jio SIM.
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Solo Travel Tips : How to Travel Solo?

I have Traveled both with my Family & Friends but “Travelling Solo” was Challenging & Adventurous at the same  time. I like to live my life on my own terms and that’s all what you have to do when you Travel Solo. Here are some tips to Travel solo :


  1. Save Up : Isn’t great that when you return from your trip after spending continuously you don’t have to worry about your finances. So start saving months before you begin your trip and decide your budget.
  2. Decide on Your Travel Plan : “Invest few minutes today to make a travel plan & you will save hours on your trip” That’s it. Create a Plan way before your trip to maximize the adventure & minimize the stress.
  3. BUY Travel Insurance : Think you don’t need it? Think again. Millions people travel & less that 1% of them buy Travel Insurance because most people aren’t aware of the option or don’t know how travel insurance works. There are several good reasons to look into insurance like Trip cancellation, Flight cancellation, Natural disasters, Medical coverage, Baggage delay or lost, Passport lost, Emergency money requirements etc are major benefits to look into.
  4. Pack Light : Pack most important & basic things that you will require on your trip including clothes. I remember that when I traveled to  Goa India 4-5 yrs back, I was so excited that was not able to decide what to pack so I brought my complete wardrobe but then It was very uncomfortable to carry all your clothes.
  5. Know how you’ll stay in Touch : Get a Local SIM card with Internet services as soon as you arrive to your destination & Be in touch with your family & friends about the places you’re going to visit. I left a copy of Names with Address & Phone numbers of the hotels am going to stay which came very handy when my parents was not able to reach me.
  6. Be Patient : It can be very difficult arriving to a new country or to a new city. Always remember that a Country is to Comfort their own people and not you. So be patient, Try to learn few words and most importantly “Keep Smiling”.
  7. Be Pro Active : If you’re unsure of yourself, always ask for help from someone. Standing around & looking puzzled  will not get you where you want to go. So go ahead, Smile & ask for help.
  8. Know which way is UP : Get a MAP of your destination to read and locate where you want to go.
  9. Be Ready to Talk : In Sri Lanka, I met a girl Johanna from Austria in the middle of the forest towards “9-Arch Bridge” . It started to rain so we cut out and went to eat together and to my wonder, we had a great chat & explored the next day together. It will be fun to meet new people.  Ask questions and conversations begin.
  10. Go far-off the beaten path. Travelers who find each other where there are few tourists are more inclined to talk to each other. Meet someone on a hike or in a specific location and you already know that you have an interest in common.

  11. Travel between destinations. Whether you choose the train, bus, or plane, live within the limits of a carry-on bag or backpack. You’ll be happy you did as you manage to move around from destination to destination with greater ease.
  12. Eat Healthy : I love to eat tasty & healthy so I always carry my Protein & Fats when I travel for unstoppable supply because this word is full of carbs but watch out before you eat.
  13. Take Plenty of Pictures : You should satisfy your “Self-Obsession” every time you’re on a Trip. It will help you relive the memories because all you can carry to your death bed is memories that you create. No family, money, car & house etc will go with you.

These are all I could think of right now so to end my blog all I want to tell you is that every one should travel solo at least once in their life, It will make you Invincible. “Travelling Solo” itself is a Adventure.