How to Store Vegetables for Longer Time – Part 1?

How to Store Vegetables for Longer Time – Part 1?

Being Single is Boon or Bane, I don’t know but this is how I’m able to store my Vegetables for a week. I buy vegetables every week to save my time.

So let’s begin, For Chilies, Curry Leaves, Ginger, Coriander etc

  1. Prepare a Solution (3 Part of water & 1 Part of White Vinegar) in a Big Bowl.
  2. Soak Chilies, Curry leaves, Coriander & Ginger (One at a time) in the Bowl for 5-10 mins to remove the dirt & pesticides or harmful medicated sprinklings. Also, You can use hands or brush to clean them if required.
  3. Wash them again under running water & leave them to Air-dry on a cotton cloth, Alternatively you can also use another cotton cloth or electric fan or cooler to dry them fast.
  4. After the vegetables are completely dried, Store Chilies, Curry Leaves & Ginger into a zip-lock bag (make sure there is no moisture remaining in the bag).
  5.  Roll Coriander leaves in to Tissue paper & Store them into zip-lock bags.
  6. I put them all in a box or basket together in a fridge to use when cooking.
  7. Once in a week, Open the bags, wipe the moisture with kitchen towel & place them back.


Items Required
White Vinegar

Bowl to Soak Vegetabels

Kitchen Towel

Zip-Lock Bags

Tissue Roll

Kitchen Basket


Why should You Blog?

Why should You Blog?

If you know me a bit, you know that I love blogging  And I believe everyone should blog.

Do you know why?

Because there are plenty of benefits to blogging. But still, a lot of you aren’t blogging. You’re missing out a lot.
Now, let’s start with the first benefit. Do you know the reason behind most people choosing to blog?
It’s the ability to earn a passive income. Yes.
Thanks to blogging, many are living a laptop lifestyle, enjoying the freedom.
They can work from anywhere, anytime without having to report to anyone.
But how can you earn from blogging?
#1: Running Ads
Most beginners start with this method.
You can run contextual ads through Adsense or other alternatives. And when people click on the ad, you get paid.
But the problem is,
You need to get tens of thousands of visitors a day to your blog in order to earn a decent income. And people don’t like ads.
#2: Earn via Affiliate Marketing:
This is the choice of the most bloggers.
You promote other products and get commissions when someone purchases the product through your link.
It’s called affiliate marketing.
It’s the main revenue channel for many bloggers.
And the best part is you can do this in any market or niche.
#3: Sell your products
This probably is the best option for you to live the real laptop lifestyle.
But, it requires a lot of effort from you.
You need to position yourself as an expert, build an audience, and create a product that your audiences will love to buy.
And when you’ve done all, you can sell those courses and keep earning as much as you want, like I’m doing right now.
But, all of this starts with one thing.
Hope this gives you a reason.
Happy Blogging

How to be a Casanova?

There is a fine line between being a player and being a Casanova. “Giacomo Casanova” was a historical figure of the XVI century, upon whose fame, fortune and misfortunes that the term came to be known as that of a great lover, which indeed he was. But being a Casanova -being like “The Casanova”- is much more than getting women to bed. It’s about developing a charm and charisma which will get you, like him, anywhere you may please.

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It is of course no easy feat, but it will change your life forever, for the better or for the worse, if you have the courage.

Be a Casanova Step 1
Read “Histoire de ma vie” Casanova’s autobiography. He wrote the book for one reason alone: I am writing my life to laugh at myself, and I’m succeeding. His book Is over 4,000 pages of outrageously fun stories about a single man’s adventures conquering the world through his charm.

Be a Casanova Step 2
Listen. Actually listening to somebody is the single most important rule you’ll ever learn about people -especially women. Listen to what they have to say. All people have dreams, fears, hopes and thoughts. Listening to them will be the greatest gift you can give to anybody, great or small, wise or ignorant, and if you can do that for them, they’ll love you in return.

Be a Casanova Step 3
Have fun. The only reason to lead a life of adventure is to enjoy it. Power, money, pleasure and excitement will come all in due time but they will be just spices on the main dish. Even the charm and charisma which you’ll learn are mere accessories to the ultimate goal of enjoying your freedom to do what you love. Don’t be too serious about life. This will project you as more cool and confident person, which are qualities of a Casanova.

Be a Casanova Step 4
Love, laugh and live as hard as you can.

Be a Casanova Step 5
Don’t be afraid of swimming against the tide, but do not hate the people who frown upon your actions.

Be a Casanova Step 6
Gamble when you can’t afford to lose. This may seem like terrible advice, but you’ll never be as creative, as fast and as brave than when losing is not an option.

Be a Casanova Step 7
Seek that which you can’t have. Always have the die hard attitude to achieve goals in life which you have desired to have in life and develop abilities to achieve them.

Be a Casanova Step 8
When you lose it all you’ll learn that you didn’t need it in the first place.

Be a Casanova Step 9
Don’t be afraid. Nothing worth remembering has ever came from being afraid. If you get fired from your job, well, you probably didn’t like it anyway. If your girl leaves you, there still plenty of fish in the sea. If you get shot in the leg, well, you had it coming anyway.

Be a Casanova Step 10
Feel it rather than think about it. A thousand women may fall in love with your dreams, none will love you for your reason.

Be a Casanova Step 11
Don’t listen to people. Most of them have a way of telling you that the life of a Casanova is full of sin, moral perversion and deviousness. For the most part this is true. But the world needs dreamers too. They may never understand you, but they won’t have as much fun either. Trust yourself. Trusting your heart will take you to places that nothing else can. You will make mistakes, of course, but it is not about being right or wrong, it’s about living.

Be a Casanova Step 12
Try everything. At least once, mostly twice. This means forgetting prejudice, shutting your mouth and actually doing things. If you’ve always talked about buying a van and driving cross the continent there’s no reason to keep putting it off, vans are cheap, food is everywhere; go for it!

Be a Casanova Step 13
Get principles to start with. “Being a nice person” and “being honest” doesn’t quite cut it. Your principles should stand for something beyond that, something in the line of “Freedom, Beauty, Truth & Love” will do.

Be a Casanova Step 14
Stand by your principles. Being a free man doesn’t mean you can do anything you want, regard your own principles higher than the actual law, let them be your guide.

Be a Casanova Step 15
Stay thirsty. No matter what you achieve, how great your life seems to be, or how tired you become, there’s always a new adventure waiting around the corner for the man who is ready to undertake it.

Dance, for the fun of it.
Learn from the masters. They know their trade, players, politicians, salesmen, they all build castles in the sky. There’s a lot to learn from them.
Remember even the greats started at the bottom, the important thing is to keep moving.
‘Be a little bit better everyday. Whether it’s your smell, your looks, your moves, or your confidence, I leave it to up you.
Smile. Laugh. Be grateful for this opportunity, raise your glass to your fellow brothers and have a beautiful life.
Learn to talk, about abstract intangible things, dreams and hopes rather than facts and things, There are a gazillion articles about it out there.
Look good. Loving everyone means respecting everyone, yourself too, and that includes your body. Exercise, dress as nice as you can, indulge in shallow little things like haircuts and shoes. It will boost your confidence. But remember that it ‘s still an accessory.
Stop reading and start putting into practice what you are. Unless you are out there in the field you won’t know how is it like being the Casanova.
Stop over analyzing things, just go with the flow. Some people get too caught up in their thought process when any girl rejects them, instead move on and find a new one.
Experience in the best teacher. Learn from your mistake and move on.
Develop good communication skills. Most of the Casanovas are very good communicators; they know how to strike with the ladies with their words.
Have positive thoughts in the mind most of the times; we know it’s tough to keep positive thoughts in our minds all time specially when things get tough, but practice makes a man perfect.
Repetition is the mother of skills; keep trying. It’s a numbers game guys: the more you try, the more better you get at seducing the ladies, but guys, please don’t come as desperate or needy.
Becoming a Casanova can bring life changing consequences.
Not everyone is cut for this life, so make sure it’s what you really want and that you’re not just momentarily bored.
You will be rejected by many ladies,specially those looking for a husband material, so don’t take rejection personally and move on.
Forget about stability and security. This is no life to have a nice corner office and three children.

(Based on various Wikihow)

#BeAMan Traits

Part 1 – Traits that instantly set you Apart

  1. Know & understand yourself: Bad boys know & understand themselves. They know what they like & don’t like. They know what they want & don’t want. They aren’t afraid to go after or do whatever their heart desires or whatever is on their mind. (After doing what they want to do) they learn lessons, make mistakes, fail, succeed & ultimately get to know & understand themselves. The best way to get to know & understand yourself is to get out & Start doing what you are afraid of doing by overcoming your fears & live the life you want & learn as much as you can about yourself. 
  2. Strong Sense of self worth: Bad boys know that they are of HIGH VALUE & that’s how they behave. If you think you are of less value, your body language will automatically speaks the same about you.
    How do you value yourself more & start feeling that you’re good enough for women?
    Workout, Eat right, Good Hygiene, Dress well, Good haircut etc.. Pay good attention to your physical appearance.
    Handle Emotions: Learn to have better control over your emotions, anxiety, shyness, nervousness etc around women.
    Work on your Goals: Women love boys who have goals & working towards their goals.
    Get a better Job: Be more efficient & excellent towards the work you do & try to get more payout.
    Have a Life: Do try your best to make yourself happy in every walks of your life emotionally, socially, occupationally & financially. Get rid of the person, situation or thing who is causing your happiness.Work on this regularly to value yourself more.

    “When you please others or impress others to get their acceptance or validation, You lose your self-worth in the process”


  3. Set your Standards & Preferences: Bad boys won’t settle for anything less then what they want. They have set standards & preference which needs to be met in any situation. It’s like a Boundary & you will not accept anything outside of this boundary. Your standards & preferences needs to be met in all the cases.
  4. Be Picky: If you already have set standards & preferences then being Picky will be an Icing on the cake. It will automatically increase your value. Be picky in everything be it clothes, foods, places, women etc.
  5. Be your MAN: Bad boys don’t care what other guys are thinking, saying & doing. They live their own life, do their own things & truly don’t care what other think or say. They hear from one ear & if it doesn’t what they want to hear, they let it go from another ear. Being your own man means:
    Thinking for own self
    Have own identity
    Not seeking validation of others
    Having own style
    Not affected by criticism, Judgments and opinions
    Being comfortable in own skin
    Be happy with who you areBeing your own man doesn’t mean you are idiotically unaware of anything outside of yourself & you know when it is taken too far.
  6. Be Independent of needing anyone & anything from outside to feel happy & worthy.
  7. Be Self-Reliant: Bad boys are self-reliant & self capable, and don’t really need anyone to help in life matters.
    If there is a problem, they will find a solution.
    If they want something, they will get it.
    If there is no one around to help, they don’t stay stuck, they find a way to get things done.
  8. Be somebody others will follow: Bad boys know where they want to go & why they want to go. Don’t work hard to fulfill other’s goals. Set your own goals & work towards them regardless of what others say. If you are becoming a follower, STOP right there and take your life in the direction you want.
  9. Dominance: “Dominate” yourself first. Everybody has a Childish brain inside which keeps telling us to do what is easy & not what is right. When you want to sleep early to reach your goals, childish brain dominates you & says “Naah, watch some videos & sleep after some time”
    When you want to workout, Your childish brain dominates & says “Ohoo.. abhi kal hi toh kiyaa thaa, Aaj nahi karte hai”
    When you don’t want to master bate, Your childish brain dominates you & says “Abe chal ek baar kar le, last time”

    Dominating yourself first means, Taking control of your childish brain.
    We actually don’t realize how much of our decision making process & behavior is “Hijacked” by our childish brain, until we take control back. Because if you are submissive to your childish brain, how will you dominate women’s & other’s?

  10. Be a “Go-Getter”: Bad boys fearlessly go after what they want instead of sitting & waiting for it to come to them. Be a Go-Getter, Life is very short.
    “Ek din ke intezaar me mat baitho, jis din tum apni list shuru kar doge, tumhaara wo ek din aa jayega”
    “If they want to talk to a women, They talk”
    “If they want her phone number, They ask & get it”
    “If they want to kiss, They kiss her”Bad boys don’t ask “If it’s ok” or “Can I” or “May I” questions, They take risks & go after what they want. Bad boys don’t sit & waste time waiting for things to come.
  11. Never need women or relationship for a better life: Bad boys never need women or relationships. You are not here to make relationships, Just have fun!
  12. March to the Drum of your own beats: Bad boys don’t like being told what to do & what not to do. Bad boys don’t care being recognized, rewarded or praised – They do what they want & they will praise & reward themselves & never seek anyone’s validation.
  13. Make your own Rules: Bad boys never follow societal rules & bend rules accordingly which doesn’t hurt anyone if they break it. Bad boys make their own rules:
    Accept full responsibility of your life, actions & results.
    Never pussy-out on talking to women you’re interested in.
    Don’t disrespect yourself.
    Don’t be dishonest from yourself.
    Never accept less than the best.
    Don’t accept disrespect, lies or mistreatment.
    Don’t let anyone talk to you like you are child or idiot.
    Don’t miss behave anyone
    Don’t talk shit about anyone on their back, Do it on their face.
    Don’t sacrifice your own principles to get anything done. 
  14. Be Adventurer: Don’t be a couch potato, bad boys think there is no life without fun, thrill & adventure. Go for skydiving, hiking, paint ball, surfing etc
  15. Be Selfish: Bad boys are Selfish, they give a lot to themselves before others. They will do their things first, satisfy their needs first. “Ek baar baby.. selfish hoke.. apne liye jiyo naa” 
  16. Emotionally Tough: Bad boys are emotionally tough & strong, They don’t cry or whine over little things like girls. If its within their control, they deal with it & If its not within their control, they know that crying over it not going to help. They laugh over every rejection. 
  17. Hard to Impress: Bad boys don’t get impressed too quickly & easily in every situation. If you’re easy to impress, you’re easy to fool. Stop being easily impressed with women’s beauty, appearance, clothes etc.
  18. Be Mysterious: As soon as women completely figured you out, she will leave you! Being mysterious keeps her interested, attracted & thinking about you. Bad boys don’t talk much about themselves. If you have a bad habit of telling everything, ZIP IT seriously. You don’t have to answer all the question. So instead of talking about yourself, Talk about hilarious movies, YouTube videos, Travel stories, College stories etc
  19. Opinions are like Assholes: Bad boys keep their opinions with themselves, they don’t share it with the world what’s on their mind unless they are asked for it. Become that man
  20. Don’t keep showing your “GOOD SIDE”: Bad boys stay natural, they don’t constantly advertise their good side to women & others. Stay neutral & cool.
  21. Don’t take Shit from Anyone: Bad boys don’t let anyone treat them bad, make joke of them & be abusive of them. Bad boys have defined standards on how they treat themselves & expect others to the same standard. Don’t let anyone do that without letting them know that you’re not OK with the way they are talking to you & treating you. When other’s see they cant treat the way others treat you, they will instantly feel more attraction for you & treat you with same respect.
  22. Don’t care about other’s opinions: Bad boys don’t care what others think of them. Always remember 25% rule by David Deangelo 

    when someone doesn’t like you for some reason or has an opinion you don’t agree with, Just remember 25% rule & don’t let it ruin your day.

  23. Don’t compare yourself with other men: Bad boys don’t compare themselves with others because they know what they are & how different they are. When they meet a women, they know that she has never met anyone like them and if things go right, they are going to take her phone number & take her home. They have deep inner confidence.
  24. Have a Chill-out: Bad boys don’t take life serious but take it enough seriously. They don’t cry over the situation which is not under their control. Be Calm & Composed & try to find solution to make it better rather than freaking about it.

Part 2 – Treat Yourself Right

  1. Positive self image: Bad boys always have a Positive self image about themselves. Women will know if you have a positive or negative self image of yourself & how they should treat you. They always have a “Can Do” attitude towards themselves. If you want women to see you in a positive light, start seeing yourself in a more positive light.
  2. Be aware of your Appearance: Bad boys don’t just wakeup & leave the house. They take good care of their appearance. They look in the mirror, brush, Comb, put cologne & dress well.
  3. Be in Shape: Bad boys works hard to stay in shape by improving eating habits & working out core muscles like shoulders, chest, abs, biceps, triceps, legs & calves.
  4. Fix “Personal Problems” ASAP: Address personal problems before it becomes too hard to fix. Like Appearance, Health, Shape, Finance etc.
    “A 3 inch snowball becomes a 30 feet massive boulder if it keeps rolling downhill & collecting snow” So fix it ASAP.
  5. Fix tough situations: Bad boys start taking action & handle bad situations head-on before it becomes too big to handle.
  6. Self-Respect: Bad boys respect themselves a lot means they are more likely to get the respect they want. Not respecting themselves means not likely to get the respect you want. Men who truly respect themselves are in higher demand & becoming rare, and harder for women to find. When you respect yourself, you don’t allow others to disrespect you, treat you bad or unfair, talk to you that belittle you and you carry yourself with class.
  7. Change only for YOU: Bad boys change only for themselves. Changing to make somebody happy isn’t in their DNA. If they do make changes, It’s what they want & not what others. 
  8. Your needs come first: Bad boys put their needs first & above all without having to care about their approval & seeking validation. In some cases, put their needs first but in all cases PUT YOUR NEEDS & YOURSELF FIRST.
  9. Your Happiness comes first: Its logical that if you put her happiness first, she will be happy but women don’t work logically. They get annoyed when boys put their needs & happiness first & consider them desperate & weak because they will never stop testing you, So always in all cases keep your needs & happiness first no matter what. 
  10. Be a Winner: Bad boys always put their best to be the Winner. Second places are for the first Loser. Have competitive spirit, It is very attractive to women.
    “You were a born winner but to win, You must plan to win, prepare to win, & expect to win” 
  11. Stand up for yourself: Bad boys stand up for themselves & don’t let anyone including women mistreat, bully, tease & harass them. Nice guys on the other hand take it to keep her but bad boys stand up & not let anyone do it. If she keeps it up, she’s gone. Simple as that.
  12. I’m Important: Bad boys carry a simple mindset that says, “I’m Important” and others will treat them the same. Walk into a place like you own it & people will treat you the same way. Don’t walk around literally saying “I own it”, have a body language, composure, facial expression & carry yourself that communicates you own it.
  13. NO dead weight: If someone is keeping you down, making your life worse & constantly taking from you instead of giving, they are dead weight and as a Bad boy, you should take them off from your shoulders to move faster & freely towards your goals.
  14. Don’t get used: Bad boys don’t get used, if you find out that you’re being used show her the door.
  15. NO self doubt: Bad boys never doubt themselves & their ability. If you believe you cant make it, you won’t. If you believe you can’t do it, You won’t. bad boys always have “I can do it” attitude. Everything bad boys do is backed by a belief system “I can & will do it”. If you doubt you can attract a women, you won’t. if you doubt you won’t get better with women & dating, you won’t. you brain is unbelievably powerful and your thoughts shape your life. Never underestimate the power of believing in yourself. Never underestimate your ability to get what you want in life. Self doubt will sabotage you & keep you from succeeding every single time.
  16. Unphased by failure: Bad boys know that not doubting themselves doesn’t mean they will never fail, there will be chances that might not get the success they want but they will be able to get back up faster than anyone else could. But taking this first step without doubting & with full confidence is what you have to do.. there could be many reasons that the process didn’t complete, You have not fail.. You succeeded in taking the step but it’s some external reason why the process couldn’t succeed. “failure” is a man made thing & its not real. There is no such thing called failure. When bad boys approach a girl & if she is not interested, its not a failure, she was just not interested (external reason), find a different approach. Erase the word called – FAILURE. Every time you could not complete the process & failed.. you have not failed, you have learned a lesson & not failed.
  17. Don’t fear: Bad boys don’t fear while many of nice guys live their whole life full of fear & think “kaash mai bhi agar apne fear ko kam kar paata toh mai vo life jeeta jo mai jeena chahta hu” don’t be that nice guy, women knows when you are uncomfortable around them, so be fearless & approach as many as you can, it will overcome you fear. If you fear of women rejecting you & making a joke of you in front of all the people, THAT’S not gonna happen As long as it is a friendly approach. Take that risk of rejection, Its very arousing to women. Bad boys are not afraid of talking to her, taking her phone number, ask her out, touch her, kiss her.. the fear doesn’t exists. Experience teaches us that approaching a women is never going to hurt. Whatever you have to do to get over your fear of women do it.. approaching 10 women &  getting rejected 10 times, do it!! Eventually, once you have enough experience, you will notice this fear is gone & what left is confidence & self belief.

    Differentiate between Real  & Unreal fear as per “Sandeep maheshwari”
    PART 3 – Bad Boy Coolness

    1. Effortlessly cool :


(Based on 99 Traits of Bad Boys by Marc Summers)

My Fun with Eggs – Egg Butter Masala

Eggs are one of easiest & cheapest available Super Foods in the world but eating Egg Bhurji or Boiled eggs everyday is boring, Let’s add Indian tastes to it..

I’m Creating “Egg Butter Masala

What we need: 

  • 3 Hard Boiled eggs
  • 1 ½ tablespoons butter
  • ½ cup chopped onions
  • ½ cup chopped tomatoes
  • 9-10 cashew nuts
  • 2 cloves
  • 1 cardamom
  • 1 inch cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon red chili powder
  • ¼ teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste
  • 1 teaspoon coriander powder
  • ½ teaspoon garam masala
  • ¼ teaspoon Kasuri methi
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tablespoon cream
  • Coriander leaves to garnish

Let’s Cook

  • Add butter to a pan & saute eggs till they become brown & remove
  • Now Add chopped onion, tomato and cashews to the pan & Roast
  • Once onion & tomato change their color (roasted) then add turmeric, salt & chilli powder
  • Cook for 5-6 mins & remove from the flames
  • Cool it & transfer it to a blender & add 3/4 cup of water & Blend
  • Heat 3/4th tbsp butter and add cardamom, cinnamon & clove. Saute for 30 sec.
  • Add ginger-garlic paste & saute for a minute.
  • Add the blend & 1/4 cup of water, Cook for 7 mins over medium flame
  • Add kasuri methi & 2 cook minute
  • Add Eggs & cook for 3 minutes
  • Remove from the flame & Garnish with Cream & Coriander leaves

If you are trying this, Let me know in the comment box How’s It? and If you have any idea to do it differently or any other creative dish which can be created using Eggs, Write it in the comment box.

What are the best Insurance Blogs to follow?

Insurance is something which everyone struggles to understand including the Professionals. This listing of best Insurance blogs is a great resource who are looking to expand their skills.


1. Insurance Splash is a marketing resource blog that focuses on helping insurance companies and insurance agents improve their marketing with helpful how-to blogs and blog tips on topics such as sales tips, referral marketing, value selling, and cross-selling. This is a perfect blog for anyone who wants to better understand their options for marketing or to find resources that will help ensure that their marketing efforts are complete. Expect updates about 4-5 times per month.


2. leadPops is a weekly updated marketing blog that focuses on the insurance & real estate industries, employing a variety of content types to educate, entertain, and inform marketers on the latest and greatest in the insurance and real estate spaces. With fun, colorful infographics and easy-to-digest content, this is a great one to keep on your list for some Monday morning reading in the office. Expect posts once a week.


3. Smarts Pro Marketing is also known as Smarts Pro Marketing and their blog is richly populated with blogs that are comparisons of current market conditions. Expect topics on the psychology of selling, why selling like a commodity is a mistake and even marketing basics such as how to write the perfect sales oriented newsletter. This blog is perfect for the experienced marketing professional who wants to find new niche marketing ideas to increase their target market. Expect blogs 3-5 times per month.

4. Agency Revolution Blog offers a different perspective from many insurance blogs. Expect blog posts on the intricacies of the relationship between agents and their customers, customer retention, and managing the ongoing stream of value marketing. The blog is published 1-2 times per month and sometimes skips a month. No worry there, the information in each blog is deep enough that you might need that month to consider, evaluate, and apply the insight to your own marketing strategy.


5. Inbound Insurance Marketing Blog is a snappy, full-of-details type of blog that offers outstanding tips on how to produce stellar insurance copy and content. Expect topics such as B2B drivers and buyers decisions, tools that fuel market growth, and how to overcome writer’s block. This blog is perfect for anyone who has marketing that is doing “okay” but not performing well. The insider-like tips are a perfect checklist that helps turn an average marketing strategy into a winner. Expect blog quarterly.


6. Insurance Information Institute Insurance Topics Page (blog) covers everything from homeowners insurance and automobile insurance to special insurance coverage and includes videos too. The blog is perfect for people who create insurance content or who publish their own blog on insurance topics. The site serves as a great resource for the insurance industry. Expect regular updates in both article or video format.


7. The Agency Marketing Machine blog is a robust resource chock-full of case studies, infographics, walkthroughs, and a wealth of other educational material for insurance marketers. Whether you’re an expert marketer, or only just beginning to explore the insurance marketing world, Agency Marketing Machine is a great resource to start with. Expect multiple posts per week.


8. Agent Branding System Blog is nearly every other day. This is a blog that is chalked full of marketing inspirations and key insider-type details about the insurance industry. The blog is perfect for anyone who is running a beginning to an advanced marketing campaign and who wants to find the emerging trends within the industry. This is a great resource for steering an insurance marketing strategy and to help you find new ways to reach new, existing, and past customers.


9. AMAXX Workers Comp Resource Center Blog is the place to go for any agency who offers workers comp insurance and who wants more detailed information about the industry. Expect blogs at least daily and sometimes multiple posts per day. The blog’s topics range from issues within the California worker’s comp market such as dealing with Cal/Osha, and CA’s OAL approvals to national worker’s comp issues such as how to understand or formulate a risk management plan, high-risk companies with multiple infractions, or reviews of national conferences.


10. The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors blog is published about every two weeks. The blog focuses on NAIFA and their activities, but there is plenty of information here for outside agencies to find inspiration and emerging trends. Expect topics such as the Department of Labor’s guide to fiduciary rule and its lack of clarity, financial exploitation rules as they apply to seniors, and health exchanges. This is a perfect blog for anyone who needs help with big topics or who wants to add big topics of national concern to their marketing or lead generation campaign.


11. The Insurance Agents Blog is an outstanding insurance marketing resource for every insurance company or agent. It offers a range of topics that include tips on making better sales, technology to help with marketing and office efficiency, marketing tips, and a healthy link to industry news. Expect new topics frequently across a range of insurance niche markets including health and life, property, causality, and specialty insurance.


12. The QuoteShark Blog is packed with insurance-focused content on a range of subjects from social media to content creation. There are topics that discuss digital marketing within the Insurance industry and topics that are written to brokers specifically. Expect new articles on a weekly basis, across a variety of subject areas.


13. The StartUpSelling blog is the brainchild of Alan Blume. This blog is a wonderful place for many reasons. Those include the outstanding topic/resource list that is easy fodder for anyone who needs to add a topic to their own blog, learn insider marketing tricks and tips or who wants to keep on top of the most current trends in insurance marketing. Expect topics on How to Understand Keywords, tips on improving your blog or agency’s SEO. The blog topics range from B2C to B2B and across industries such as green technology and eMarketing.


14. Property Casualty 360° is a site that focuses on market opportunities within the property and casualty insurance industry. This is less of a blog and more of a news site with deep insider-type information. This is an awesome site for anyone who wants to grow their market share or start offering products in the property and Casualty sector. Expect new posts multiple times per day.


15. Insurance Social Media Blog is a site that every insurance agent should bookmark. It is here that you will find the keys to managing social media as it relates to growing market share, lead generation, and community presence. This is an excellent blog for anyone who is confused about what social media is and how it works.


16. ITC Marketing Blog is an awesome source that focuses on the marketing and marketing questions for active insurance agencies. Expect 1-2 blogs per week on topics that are stellar. Topics include digital transformation in insurance, solutions for low web traffic, trends in top insurance websites. This is a great place for anyone who is curious if their site is modern.


17. Advisor Evolved Blog is a great resource and good read for anyone who wants to understand the deeper issues within insurance marketing. Web automation, Internet of Things, digitizing marketing, the relationship between traffic and lead generation, etc. Expect new blogs weekly with a huge back library of existing topics.


18. QQ Solutions: The QQ Solutions Blog is a spot-on-place for insurance agents to learn about insurance marketing, especially for independent agencies. Expect 1-2 topics every two weeks. Topics include agency growth strategies, understanding the power of cloud technology, the evolution of the insurance industry, and data analysis. This is an outstanding blog when you want to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and campaigns.


19. Insurance Digital Marketing Blog is a fascinating blog that helps agencies address the generation gap. Expect topics about how to market to Millennials, responsive site design, the value of lead generation over SERP placement, keys to improving your website design. The site offers easy to read and understand marketing blogs that are richly populated and helpful within the insurance industry.


20. The inBuzz Group Blog is a great resource for anyone wondering how politics is going to change the face of insurance. Expect tools such as learning to use a content calendar and resourceful topics such as what to do when your insurance marketing is not generating leads. Expect new blogs once per week and a healthy back library of topics.

How to Port your number to Reliance Jio?

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Reliance Jio bought a revolution in Telecom Industry since it’s launched in September last year by Providing Free calls & ultra low cost 4G data to consumers across India with high network rates then any other telecom company in India. If these offers attracts you & you want to switch to Reliance Jio, You can Port your existing numbers to Reliance Jio & it will be done in 7days. Here’s how you can Port your number to Reliance Jio –

I want to port in my number to Jio. What should I do?

  • To port in, SMS PORT <10-digit mobile number> to 1900 from your existing number which needs to be ported to Jio
  • You will get an SMS that will contain the UPC code and its expiry date
  • Download MyJio app from Play Store or App Store and generate Jio coupon code
  • Walk in to nearest Jio stores or Reliance Digital / Dx Mini or Jio retailer with the UPC (Unique porting code) code and your Jio coupon code along with the handset
  • Carry your Aadhaar Card number and activate your Jio connection through eKYC process
– Clear all your pending dues with current operator (if you have a post-paid mobile connection)
– As per government regulations, your number will be ported into Jio within 7 working days, and you will be intimated on the day it is being ported into Jio. Your services will not be interrupted in the intervening period.
– Customers in Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East; have an alternative option of submitting paper CAF along with self-attested copy of Proof of Address(POA), Proof of Identity(POI) documents and a recent color passport sized photograph to get a Jio SIM.
Got Questions? Ask in the comments!

Solo Travel Tips : How to Travel Solo?

I have Traveled both with my Family & Friends but “Travelling Solo” was Challenging & Adventurous at the same  time. I like to live my life on my own terms and that’s all what you have to do when you Travel Solo. Here are some tips to Travel solo :


  1. Save Up : Isn’t great that when you return from your trip after spending continuously you don’t have to worry about your finances. So start saving months before you begin your trip and decide your budget.
  2. Decide on Your Travel Plan : “Invest few minutes today to make a travel plan & you will save hours on your trip” That’s it. Create a Plan way before your trip to maximize the adventure & minimize the stress.
  3. BUY Travel Insurance : Think you don’t need it? Think again. Millions people travel & less that 1% of them buy Travel Insurance because most people aren’t aware of the option or don’t know how travel insurance works. There are several good reasons to look into insurance like Trip cancellation, Flight cancellation, Natural disasters, Medical coverage, Baggage delay or lost, Passport lost, Emergency money requirements etc are major benefits to look into.
  4. Pack Light : Pack most important & basic things that you will require on your trip including clothes. I remember that when I traveled to  Goa India 4-5 yrs back, I was so excited that was not able to decide what to pack so I brought my complete wardrobe but then It was very uncomfortable to carry all your clothes.
  5. Know how you’ll stay in Touch : Get a Local SIM card with Internet services as soon as you arrive to your destination & Be in touch with your family & friends about the places you’re going to visit. I left a copy of Names with Address & Phone numbers of the hotels am going to stay which came very handy when my parents was not able to reach me.
  6. Be Patient : It can be very difficult arriving to a new country or to a new city. Always remember that a Country is to Comfort their own people and not you. So be patient, Try to learn few words and most importantly “Keep Smiling”.
  7. Be Pro Active : If you’re unsure of yourself, always ask for help from someone. Standing around & looking puzzled  will not get you where you want to go. So go ahead, Smile & ask for help.
  8. Know which way is UP : Get a MAP of your destination to read and locate where you want to go.
  9. Be Ready to Talk : In Sri Lanka, I met a girl Johanna from Austria in the middle of the forest towards “9-Arch Bridge” . It started to rain so we cut out and went to eat together and to my wonder, we had a great chat & explored the next day together. It will be fun to meet new people.  Ask questions and conversations begin.
  10. Go far-off the beaten path. Travelers who find each other where there are few tourists are more inclined to talk to each other. Meet someone on a hike or in a specific location and you already know that you have an interest in common.

  11. Travel between destinations. Whether you choose the train, bus, or plane, live within the limits of a carry-on bag or backpack. You’ll be happy you did as you manage to move around from destination to destination with greater ease.
  12. Eat Healthy : I love to eat tasty & healthy so I always carry my Protein & Fats when I travel for unstoppable supply because this word is full of carbs but watch out before you eat.
  13. Take Plenty of Pictures : You should satisfy your “Self-Obsession” every time you’re on a Trip. It will help you relive the memories because all you can carry to your death bed is memories that you create. No family, money, car & house etc will go with you.

These are all I could think of right now so to end my blog all I want to tell you is that every one should travel solo at least once in their life, It will make you Invincible. “Travelling Solo” itself is a Adventure.