My First Official “Solo” Trip to Sri Lanka – Day 1

train station in sri lanka

Sri Lanka, A Jewel shaped country in the Indian Ocean was an unexpected surprise. I loved every bit of it : The Green grassy landscapes, The not-so-delicious food, The crumbled overgrown ruins, The abundant wildlife and especially The  Welcoming locals who took hospitality to the next level. It was like that I time-traveled India 30-40 years before. Old Bus & Train tickets, 90s vehicles, Ranjit & Govinda style fashion was very Nostalgic.

Travelling through the country was easy, Just a little chaotic with over crowded buses moving along clogged roads and Trains packed to the grills with people hanging off the edges (which was actually adventurous). English was not widely spoken so it was little difficult to navigate but I learned few words to communicate like “Ayu Bowan” which means “Namaskaar” in Hindi and “Hello” in English.

Once I arrived at Bandar Naike Airport & Breezed through to Immigration, A Policeman caught me to check my bags. I was carrying “whey protein” in plastic bags which he thought was “Brown Sugar” but he tasted and found that it was actually Protein powder.

This is where my Adventure began..

Important Tip: Whenever you travel, keep your eyes on your bags and make sure nobody put something in your bags like in Bollywood movies & Read all the papers before signing any paper by Immigration or Security office to stay safe from any unexpected trouble.

Airport Exit gate was equipped with Taxi services desks, Costing around 3000-4000 LKR along with some Independent  Taxi drivers who were charging 1500-2000 LKR but my destination was “Kandy City” via Train, I took a public transport bus to Colombo Fort Railway Station. Just follow the steps below to get a bus :

The way out of the airport to the bus

The bus parked at Colombo Airport

It is very hard to miss this bus as it is parked with Taxis and has a Sign on top of its windshield that says “Colombo Fort”. You will also see a flow of passengers getting in with luggage.

At the time of writing bus tickets to and from the Colombo Airport to Colombo costed 120 rupees

It took 1.5 hrs to arrive to Colombo Fort and bus ticket cost me 200 LKR. Train from Colombo to Kandy was of 3-4 hrs Journey packed with people, I traveled in 2nd Class like “Passenger Trains” in India.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

First Check point : Kandy
At the time of creating the Travel Itinerary to Sri Lanka, I’d read many articles about Kandy and decided to Start from this beautiful Old king city Kandy which was the Second biggest city in Sri Lanka.




Only thing I hated was “Who charges to visit a temple?” I had to pay 2500 LKR to enter into the temple.



“Kandyan Dance” was the next big thing which happened to me.. Although it felt like I’m in “Durga Puja” festival which cost me 5000 LKR.






After all this adventure, It was time for my second goal of Travel “Food”, Best Restaurant in Kandy was “Balaji Dosai” and all I have eaten was Dosa, Egg Hopper & Vegetable Kottu.

Image result for balaji dosai kandy

I should doze off now.. because my day 2 was going to be very Tiring & Adventurous.

Check this space for Day 2..

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